Cerchi un’occasione per conoscere lo smart home in pratica? Ti interessa il tema della casa intelligente e vuoi scoprire in cosa consiste la sua magia? Utilizza il programma di test FIBARO creato specificamente per i media e per gli influenzatori tecnologici.

Testa FIBARO nelle condizioni domestiche e vedi come lo smart home può influenzare la Tua vita. Comprendiamo che ci vuole tempo per conoscere il nostro sistema. Per questo motivo offriamo la possibilità di testare le nostre soluzioni per 3 mesi gratuitamente.

Contattaci ed ottieni l’accesso ai prodotti FIBARO. Ti aiuteremo con la prima installazione e configurazione del sistema. 


Quindi di fatto oggi in Italia Fibaro Switch per Homekit è l’unico switch o se preferite, relè o relais per retrofit e ristrutturazioni che è in grado di comunicare direttamente con iPhone per l’accensione di un interruttore attraverso Homekit.

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Everyday appliances can be turned into smart ones by connecting them to the Fibaro Wall Plug, which fits into a standard electrical outlet. While it works only with simple on/off devices, it’s great for controlling and setting things like lamps and basic coffee makers from your smartphone.

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This flood sensor is outfitted with water-detecting probes and an ambient temperature sensor

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Fibaro’s button uses the same new scannable QR code technology to simplify that pairing process; not only does the code scan more easily but using the QR code method saves you the step of having to confirm which accessory you’re trying to pair.

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Smart & Safe Tech: All homes are prone to water damage; from plumbing leaks, weather or frozen pipes. Using smart sensors like Fibaro can help prevent damage by alerting you to leaks, so you can take action faster.

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Z-Wave-based sensors, such as this door/window sensor from Fibaro, operate on a low-power mesh network

The Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus requires a Z-Wave smart-home hub (such as Samsung’s SmartThings Hub), while the Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit instead needs a HomeKit gateway (such as an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad) to let you control it remotely or to tap into HomeKit.

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FIBARO’s Flood Sensor is a cleverly designed and perfectly functional detector for your needs. While the tamper sensor, HomeKit code, and aluminum surface issues are all something to be aware of, the core of the device is as solid as its competition.

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With a simple tap, the Fibaro Button lets you control various HomeKit-enabled devices such as lighting, fans, window shades, and locks. You can also run scenes, triggering them with one tap, two taps, or by holding the button down.

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FIBARO unveiled its new “Works with Fibaro” program expanding its IoT presence with some of the top brands in consumer electronics, as well as voice control integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

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The Button, which is less than two inches in size, is a new battery-powered multi-touch HomeKit device that is designed to allow users to activate a HomeKit scene.

Of all the HomeKit buttons that have come to market so far, The Button is the most accessible to non-tech users.”

With the help of a “press”, a “double press” or a “long press,” you can assign different actions to do things such as turn your lights off, lock your front door, or even turn your television on if you find yourself unable to find your remote.”

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The sensor detects when a door or window is opened and sends a mobile or Web notification to the homeowner. It can also be programmed to work with a temperature sensor.

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Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through a Z-Wave hub and includes a color-coded LED to indicate power consumption levels