FIBARO is a global brand based on the Internet of Things technology. It provides solutions for building and home automation. In just a few years’ time, the FIBARO smart home system has spread throughout 6 continents, becoming one of the most advanced in the world. FIBARO products are entirely created and manufactured in Poland – both the company’s head office and manufacturing facility with more nearly 250 employees are located near Poznan. Since July 2018 the FIBARO brand is a part of the Nice Group. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing modern solutions that facilitate a comfortable, friendly and safe home environment.

The Greater Poland roots of the Company

FIBARO is a system created, developed and produced in Poland – both the headquarters and the FIBARO factory are located in Poznań. The company employs nearly 250 people. Since July 2018 the FIBARO brand is a part of the Nice Group. A significant number of employees come from Poznań’s academic community. FIBARO also has a branch in Zielona Góra specializing in building software and applications necessary for the proper functioning of the system.

Product portfolio

Fibar Group S.A. is a manufacturer of building automation elements and an integrator of many external solutions included in the modern smart home system called FIBARO. It supplies, among others, the building automation management panels, which are the basis of the entire smart system. The company also offers sensors detecting specific events, such as movement, flooding, moisture, smoke or CO in the air or opening of doors or windows.

Another category of products created by FIBARO are actors, i.e. actuators, who trigger the functionalities of external devices. These include intelligent electrical sockets and thermostatic radiator heads to mamange temperature of radiators.

Company’s portfolio also includes products managing access to the building. Intercom is the first FIBARO house communicator similar in functionality to a modern intercom, but with much wider possibilities.

FIBARO System and its devices can be controlled in three ways. Firstly, with a mobile app provided by the manufacturer. Another method is to use actuators such as remote controls or programmable buttons. The third way is the voice control with external voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

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The FIBARO plant

The entire production of FIBARO takes place in Poznań and employs more than 100 people. The new production facility is located at FIBARO Technology Park and has over 1200 m2 of manufacturing area, 1250 m2 of storage area and 1700 m2 of office area. This is the place where all the smart devices are created, based on both Z-Wave and HomeKit technology.

FIBARO has an innovative machinery park which includes the latest solutions from world renowned manufacturers and tools created by FIBARO engineers, dedicated to the manufacturing and testing of devices from the smart home area.

FIBARO is committed to quality, so 100% of its products go through a rigorous testing phase. Devices from the Poznań plant are available on 6 continents.




Concept of open innovation

FIBARO acquires innovative technological projects in the open innovation model. The idea of open innovation was born in the 1960s at the University of California in Berkley. According to this concept, enterprises should acquire knowledge and innovations in cooperation with external entities, and not only through the work of their own research and development departments. Such a model gives tech companies a much better chance of success in implementing innovations than in the case of relying solely on their own resources. Practice of this kind is used by the majority of mature players from the technological market, who base their activity mainly on the innovativeness of their products and solutions.

At FIBARO, the concept of open innovation is implemented through its subsidiary, Fibar Group Intellectual Property Assets Sp. z o.o. whose task is to manage the intellectual property developed by FIBARO, as well as to obtain innovative solutions from the IoT sector in various models of cooperation.

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