Intercom and The Heat Controller from FIBARO are now on the prestigious list of 70 most desired products in terms of design at the Łódź Design Festival!

Must have is a quality mark awarded to the best Polish implementations. During each edition of the contest, about 70 products from Polish designers or producers are awrded. Must have is also an opportunity to present the awarded project to the general public at the Łódź Design Festival.

The must have project, a Polish design for everyone

What are the trends of Polish design like? Is it accessible to everyone and what makes it different? During the Łódź Design Festival 2018, as in previous years, an exhibition of products which have been distinguished in the must have poll will be presented.

Must have –  you really need it!

The must have plebiscite, today called the “Polish Red Dot” is one of the most important design competitions in the country. This award confirms the aesthetics and quality of the product and at the same time sends a clear signal to the recipients concerning the value of the product. Participation in the competition and using the title is free of charge. Awarded companies and designers can use it both in Poland and abroad as it is a substantial prize that matters worldwide.

So far, 7th edition of must have has been held, during which over 500 best projects have been awarded in certain fields: to young, beginner designers and renowned companies. Awards concerned items form different industries: furniture, ceramics, glasses, textiles, illustrations, books, garden tools, hammock, heater, cosmetics or floorboards.

Exhibition with a short speech

The final part of the project is a ceremony of awarding the prizes. Winners received porcelain statuettes designed by Bartek Mejor and produced by Porcelain Kristoff. Must have exhibition, presented in the Łódź Design Festival Main Programme illustrates the most important trends in Polish design and sheds light on the most interesting phenomena. It is a unique opportunity to meet designers and get to know the ideas behind the creation of the presented objects, as well as to take part in an open curatorial study with Anna Grużewska, the editor-in-chief of “Czas na Wnętrze” magazine. The architecture of the exhibition is created in cooperation with the best design offices. This year, once again, the concept will be prepared by Łosiak Siwiak Studio.

Several editions of the must have had their exhibitions at important design events abroad, including Milan, Berlin and Hong Kong. Awarded projects and their authors – designers and producers – had participated the Festival throughout the year too. They are presented in numerous publications about design and festival social media.

The awards were handed out in May!