FIBARO provides architects and designers with access to 3D models of their smart devices.

FIBARO, a Polish smart home system manufacturer that is a part of the international Nice Group has recently created digital representations of most smart products manufactured in Wysogotowo (near Poznań). libraries of BIM files and 3D models have been shared for free with designers and architects. As a result, designs of homes, apartments and public venues can become smart!

Does every architectural design need to be identical?

Not at all! One should take advantage of the full potential of the designs. Thanks to FIBARO smart solutions which allow us to automatically control lights, heating and blinds, and integrate third-party systems and devices. This way after a proper adjustment the entire facility will react accordingly to different situations and fulfill the needs of the investor.

Is every project smart?

Not necessarily. Including intelligent devices in your projects (vacuums, video cameras, smart locks, etc.) that can be controlled via mobile device does not make the house smart just yet. It is crucial to explain to the customer or investor that a smart home does not mean merely the possibility to manage it. A smart home is only smart when there is automatic interaction between separate systems, without our intervention.

A user wants to optimize temperature? FIBARO will be a perfect means to control both heating and air conditioning. The owner wants to illuminate a room? Use FIBARO so that and lights and sunshades will work together cohesively. The owner has an electric car? With FIBARO you can use a PV system and charge your vehicle at a given time of day or night.


Unique projects but adjusted to investor’s expectations

Thanks to FIBARO modularity designers can adjust solutions to the customer’s budget. The customer has the freedom to expand the system at any moment in case of additional needs or funds. Thus, designers can create dedicated packs of smart solutions for their customers. Being a non-penetrative system, FIBARO allows designers to offer their customers solutions that can also be used in the future. The offered solutions will adjust device behavior to the owner’s lifestyle or integrate devices with a smartphone.

A major advantage of wireless technology is that it remains invisible to the human eye. FIBARO for several years now has been promoting its dedicated line of smart Walli switches and outlets. By using these devices, architects can design lights, shades, and electrical appliances control while the user can observe the effects of a smart system implemented in his or her project. Walli switches and outlets are available in white and anthracite and offer a unique design.

The colors of the LED rings of the switches can be adjusted according to the individual preferences of the investor. More details regarding Walli devices can be found at: Smart Outlets and Switches – The Walli Series | FIBARO.

Make it yours

BIM libraries and 3D models are available for free

To create unique visualizations, you will require detailed 3D models. Access to catalogued and prepared CAD libraries is what will make your work easier. To address the expectations of designers we would like to share digital BIM models and 3D files of our products in the most popular file formats: Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD, and 3ds Max.

To receive access to the libraries please fill out a short form below. You will receive an auto-response with a link to all the available 3D models.