FIBARO, a Nice company, has been cooperating with its Norwegian partner Thermo-floor for many years. This year, this cooperation is tightening, and the smart home systems manufacturer’s offer is being joined by more products, this time under its sister brand Heatit. These are heating management devices that will expand Nice’s offerings through the FIBARO brand and give customers new opportunities to save energy in a smart way.

Thanks to Heatit products, the end user will be able to fully control and automate the heating system used at home, regardless of the type of heating used and the manufacturer of the solution. In an era of rising heating costs, according to the FIBARO study, the use of a smart system can generate up to 32% savings per year. – This is another step in our cooperation,” says Pål Aksel Forberg, owner of Thermo-Floor. – I am convinced that thanks to the FIBARO distribution network in Poland, Heatit products will become even more popular, and FIBARO users will get what we are all looking for today – savings. I would like to thank the FIBARO team for years of fruitful cooperation, and I hope that the next chapter of this cooperation will be even more effective,” he adds.

Heatit Z-Temp2 is a battery-operated thermostat designed for use with water heating systems. It is fully wireless, and its communication with the control panel is via Z-Wave protocol. In addition to a temperature sensor, it also has a built-in humidity sensor. It can serve as a remote control for thermostatic heads.

On the other hand, Heatit Z-TRM3 is a thermostat for electric floor heating, designed to be installed in a standard flush-mounted box. It has a built-in Z-Wave chip, allowing it to be connected to a smart home system. The SmartStart function allows the user to configure it by scanning QR codes. After startup, all devices will be automatically integrated into the control panel, significantly reducing installation time.

The Heatit ZM Thermostat is equipped with a single 16A pole relay. The thermostat requires the connection of an external wired sensor, which is included with the device. The maximum load of this device is 16A at 230VAC.

Heatit ZM single relay, on the other hand, is a wall-mounted high-power switch. It allows control of connected devices via Z-Wave network or wired switch. The module is equipped with a 16A relay and can be used to control set scenes.

– Products available under the Heatit brand are a perfect complement to the Nice offer through the FIBARO brand and allow even more intelligent control of heating in our home, regardless of what type of heating we use. By operating in a single ecosystem based on the Z-Wave network, we gain additional capabilities that were previously unattainable or required writing additional software changes. Cooperation on the Polish market between FIBARO and Heatit seemed like a natural step, which we are just now witnessing. – says Adam Kruzynski, Managing Director of Nice Polska and FIBARO.

The agreement on the official distribution of Heatit products in Poland was signed in early October on the occasion of the L+B fair in Frankfurt.