Being able to control heating devices and air conditioners is no longer considered a convenience but rather a necessity. As a result, people become more open to rational energy management and green awareness. Keeping this in mind, FIBARO as a global brand aims to provide its customers around the world with solutions that are practical and compatible with their smart home systems.

Official FIBARO distribution will now include products manufactured by Airzone – a company that specializes in systems controlling heating devices, fans, and air conditioners. Their products are efficient, easy to install, and suitable for everyday use – they are used both by individual customers and larger facilities such as hotels, clinics, and offices.

For Airzone, this agreement represents another milestone in our strategic objective of equipping all heating and air conditioning systems with control elements, thereby ensuring optimal comfort with minimal energy consumption. This collaboration with FIBARO is also in line with the current trend towards the decarbonization of heating systems in buildings. By providing energy-efficient control elements for heat pump systems, Airzone and FIBARO’s solutions supports the transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings, contributing to a cleaner and greener future – says Jade BORGETTO, Marketing Coordinator AIRZONE.

Aidoo is a line of Z-Wave thermostats that allows customers to remotely control HVAC systems via smartphones or tablets. These thermostats were designed to integrate with a wide range of HVAC systems and can be used to set heating and cooling schedules, temperature alarms, or energy consumption reports. FIBARO distribution will include 13 types of Z-Wave thermostats that work with different air conditioner brands. They will be soon available in the official distribution.

Integration and interoperability are the key values of the home automation business. There are thousands of solutions and devices available on the market – created by passionate specialists, suited to the needs of their customers – and since it is nearly impossible to analyze them all it is essential to pick the very best. That is precisely why Airzone Aidoo is the right choice – a reliable Z-Wave AC controller which can be easily made a part of the FIBARO ecosystem. – says Paweł Skorupski, Product Owner FIBARO.