Life can be surprising and random situations can very strongly turn idyll into an unenviable situation. Sense of security is the most valuable thing we can provide for ourselves and our beloved ones. When our home is safe, we can enjoy the time spent with family or friends, develop our passions and simply relax. Situation in which you are sure that everything is under control will bring a sense of comfort to your life which normally is full of stress.

It is wise to remember that there are a lot of dangerous situations that can happen to us almost anywhere. Having FIBARO system in your workplace can help you when a troublesome person pays you a visit. A simple problem like that will be solved at the spot — just press The Button to call the security. Let them calm down the troublemaker. Keyfob, alarm system and lights are a perfect integration set to indicate danger and within a press of a button, launch lights and sound. Any burglar attempting to get into your home will be immediately frightened away and will never try to rob your home again.

It is natural to care about our family and closest friends. FIBARO and IFTTT platform integration will provide you with information whether your child has got to school and whether it has returned home after a certain time. This is all thanks to the location sent by phone and setting the appropriate feature via IFTTT dashboard.

When we’re not home, we can still have full control over what’s going on inside the premises. Each time the camera detects motion, a printscreen is sent to the smartphone to verify the source of the infringement. Who knows, maybe a cat or a dog got into a room where he can’t be in, maybe the child came home early from school or maybe an intruder managed to get into your home?

None of us likes to get back home to see if the TV has been turned off or if the windows have been closed etc. FIBARO the Button can easily find out the status of Door/Window sensors, whether we have turned off the lights or turned off all unnecessary household appliances and electronics. After a few seconds, we’ll get a push notification on the phone telling us if we can leave the house without worrying about anything or if some of the elements needs to be double checked.

FIBARO smart home system keeps you secure during shorter or longer trips. By simulating a presence at home via remote or automated light management including FIBARO Dimmer or Single/Double Switch, TV or other equipment that can confuse outsiders.

The popular saying “it is best to be on the safe side” works very often and we remind ourselves of it when, unfortunately, it is too late to react. Investing in the FIBARO smart home system will allow you to sleep more peacefully, relax and keep your track of any situation that could potentially end up with some negative consequences.

Keep an eye on your smart home