Anna Adrian, the Director of Marketing and PR at FIBARO has joined the jury team of the prestigious EFFIE Awards competition. Together with other members, the jury will select the best marketing campaigns and solutions in terms of performance marketing/e-commerce, retail/sales channels and tech driven.

Anna Adrian leads the marketing and PR activities at FIBARO, a manufacturer of solutions and smart home system available in more than a hundred world markets. Her portfolio includes successes of such brands as Allegro, BZWBK (now Santander), INEA and a set of awards, including EFFIE Awards, Golden Clips (Złote Spinacze) and The Marketing Director of the Year award.

Half of the money spent on advertising is thrown down the drain, but we don’t know which half.” This contest is a perfect opportunity to find out and show which activities were successful and therefore proved to be the right investment. This is an extremely important knowledge from the point of view of any company that allocates funds to advertisement

— says Anna Adrian, Director of Marketing and PR at FIBARO.

From a perspective of several years, I see that non of the companies can’t afford to be preventive. In marketing, emotions are the playmaker. Marketers must therefore have the courage to implement projects that break schemes and engage audiences. I am glad that I can use years of experience not only to intensively support FIBARO, but also to help the entire marketing industry by identifying the most effective campaigns and marketing solutions submitted to the 20th anniversary edition of the EFFIE Awards.

— adds Anna Adrian.

Under the leadership of Anna Adrian, FIBARO among others, conducted a research project awarded with the Bronze Clip (Brązowy Spinacz) 2018, which proved that people owning smart home solutions experience significantly lower levels of stress related to home security. Today FIBARO faces the challenge of changing consumer awareness. Years of work on brand image and industry allowed us to open another stage: smart home is no longer perceived as a collection of gadgets, and in the eyes of an ever wider audience it becomes an indispensable element of living space both in Poland and in the world.

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