An intelligent electric outlet specially designed for markets with G-type electrical sockets.

FIBARO will launch a new version of its Wall Plug – the Wall Plug Type G ZW5. The FIBARO Wall Plug is a remotely controlled switch for electrical devices that is capable of measuring energy consumption levels. The device comes in the form of an adapter which can be plugged directly into any power socket, allowing users to comfortably and remotely manage the power supply to any electrical devices powered by it, including: lamps, consumer and household electronics and all kinds of chargers or power supply units. FIBARO’s Wall Plug Type G ZW5 supports Z-Wave Plus wireless connection protocols and can be added to any smart home system, which supports this standard.

The device is ready-to-use right after unboxing. The Wall Plug does not require setting-up, installation, tools, or for its users to possess any technical knowledge on electricity or electronics. Simply take it out of the box, plug it into any electrical outlet and plug a device in. If a customer uses the FIBARO Smart Home Control Panel, they will be able to remotely manage Wall Plug via smartphone. This means, that users no longer need to worry whether they’ve left the iron on after they’ve left their home – they can just check it thank to FIBARO app. Wall Plug Type G ZW5 is also compatible with all other FIBARO smart home devices, what means that it can be set to cut off the electrical supply from plugged devices, once another smart home system sensor detects flooding.

The Wall Plug monitors current power consumption levels at the outlet that it’s plugged into. Using the FIBARO system, users can also check the energy consumption history of an outlet, compare the power consumption levels of particular devices (in percentage points), or test the strength of their smart home network signal. The Wall Plug also features an RBG LED ring, that informs users what device’s current power consumption level is, what enables users to manage energy consumption more effectively in their household.

Due to different technical specifications, compatibility with standards as well as norms of G-type plug markets, the Wall Plug Type G ZW5 will be slightly different in appearance than FIBARO’s Wall Plug EU ZW5. The Wall Plug Type G ZW5 will include the possibility of manually turning the device On and Off, as well as the option of a night light setting. The Wall Plug Type G ZW5 maximum load is 3 kW. The device will be officially available for sale in spring this year and it will be in a nice, glossy white finish.

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FIBARO is an innovative Polish company whose operational innovations are based around the Internet of Things, focusing on providing solutions for building and home automation industry. In just a few years’ time, the FIBARO System has spread throughout 6 continents and over 100 countries, becoming one of the most advanced smart home system in the world. FIBARO is a system that is entirely created and manufactured in Poland – both the company’s head office and manufacturing facility are based in the heart of Poland – Poznan. FIBARO employs nearly 400 people. The company’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing modern solutions, that makes home environment more comfortable, friendly and safe.

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