3rd August 2018 – FIBARO, Poland’s leading smart home company, has released an update of its operating system used to manage the FIBARO smart home central unit. Version 4.510 contains improved system security and introduces new integration capabilities with devices from such companies as Philips or Samsung. The new FIBARO system can now be managed via the Facebook Messenger app as well as through the IFTTT (If This Then That) web-based platform which helps user’s automatize everyday tasks.

The updated version of the FIBARO central operating system is available to Home Center 2 users as of today. The latest software update improves system security and introduces additional safety measures for transferring user data. Version 4.510 allows users to create cloud and local hard drive-based backups and provides two-layer encryption with 256-bit AES keys generated based on each central units’ unique data. The new update ensures better system stability and reduces the risk of any errors occurring during updates in the future.

Managing your TV and Household Appliances

Version 4.510 of the FIBARO operating system lets users integrate their smart homes with solutions offered by other manufacturers such as Samsung Smart Appliance, Cool Automation, Hunter Douglas or Philips TV. Thanks to the system’s compatibility with Samsung Smart Appliance, the Korean manufacturer’s household appliances can now be controlled via the FIBARO app and can execute pre-defined scenarios. FIBARO users can automatically operate their Samsung air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioner units, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines. For example, a user will now be able to pre-program their FIBARO system to automatically turn their vacuum cleaner on when all household members have left the house. The latest update also ensures that the system is compatible with Philips TVs equipped with the smart TV functions. Users with Hunter Douglas window blinds or garage doors will be able to integrate them with FIBARO’s modules. Those in charge of managing entire buildings will definitely appreciate the system’s latest integration with Cool Automation products, as it allows users to manage as much as 100 air conditioner units via the FIBARO smart home system.

It’s worth mentioning that FIBARO presented 13 integrations at the CES trade show in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2018 with devices from such companies as Google, Amazon, Apple – Voice Control, Yale, Bose, Sonos and Yamaha. Apart from large companies, FIBARO also implements integrations developed by its user community; 175 such integrations are currently available for free via the company’s dedicated online store. FIBARO customers and the community has created IR adapter-based solutions for devices from such companies as Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple, Dream, O2, Panasonic, Honeywell, Dyson, Nuki and Husqvarna.

Smart Home Management via Facebook

Another innovation featured in this latest update is a new way for users to communicate with their smart home system. Until now, it was only possible to manage a FIBARO system on mobile devices by using a dedicated FIBARO app or via a dedicated website. Now, the new update lets user’s communicate with their FIBARO smart home system via Facebook’s Messenger app. By entering simple voice commands into the app’s conversation window, users will be able to check the status of various system components or individual appliances and trigger pre-defined scenarios.

Integration with IFTTT (If This Then That) – Automation of Everyday Activities

Another important improvement featured in this update is the integration of FIBARO system with the IFTTT online platform to help automatize various daily tasks. IFTTT provides access to readymade applets or allows users to create new ones which can then be used to carry out certain actions in response to various triggers (if this then that). Thanks to this integration, Home Center 2 users will gain access to a wide range of services (over 600) which will allow them to automatize their home surroundings. For example, users could pre-define a sequence in which returning home in an Uber triggers the outdoor lights, or for a text notification to be sent to the user’s smartphone if FIBARO’s Flood Sensor detects flooding, or for a Google Sheets doc to record the time and date each time a user’s front door is opened.

This latest FIBARO operating system update is available for download for all Home Center 2 users. FIBARO recommends downloading the update as soon as possible in order to ensure improved system security and an overall better user experience.

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