During BUDMA 2019, FIBARO will show several new innovations including the winner of the MTP Gold Medal of BUDMA 2019 – FIBARO Walli – the first complete line of smart and classic outlets and switches. There will be also a showcase of the new smart home mobile app.

FIBARO Walli — smart outlets and switches inspired by pearls

Walli (wɔːl-aɪ) is the first complete series of smart and classic outlets and switches that can be installed at any stage – in an existing installation and at the stage of interior design. This solution allows you to gain a lot of possibilities for a smart home and at the same time saves money where outlets and switches without remote control are enough. The FIBARO Walli design is based on a pearl, which was surrounded by a LED ring. Its colors can be adjusted to the tastes of residents, as well as attributed to specific situations. For example, they can inform about changed power consumption, an upcoming Uber or act as a illumination of the road to the toilet during a late night. Brand new series of switches and outlets are perfect not only for individual customers, they will certainly appeal to real-estate developers. Smart sockets and switches will distinguish any development project from others, offering a completely new quality, functionality and custom approach. FIBARO Walli series has been awarded a Gold Medal of this year’s BUDMA fair in Poland and this is just the beginning.


Smart outlets and switches


AI, machine learning and clear design of the new app

FIBARO Home Center is a brand new FIBARO mobile app for smart home management which has been awarded the title of CES Innovation Honoree in Software category at CES Unveiled New York.


FIBARO Home Center App


The app is equipped with a clear and intuitive interface, thanks to which the user can easily handle any FIBARO devices including other compatible products. Additionally, the app uses machine learning to remember user preferences and immediately respond to their needs. Smart home mobile app increase household savings e.g. the system will independently detect when to lower and raise the temperature, depending on our presence in the house.


FIBARO Home Center for Android FIBARO Home Center for iOS


Smart home for beginners

Budma is a good place to show some unique startup bundles of selected smart home features. This is a set of devices for those who want to try smart home for the first time and experience how smart FIBARO solutions make life easier on their own. Bundles are to interest users in individual solutions and make them gain the desired automation without investing in full smart home equipment. There are following bundles: heating control bundle – remote temperature management and automatic adjustment according to room, season, weather and personal preferences; lighting control – to manage lights according to your taste; blinds control; FIBARO Starter Kit, which allows you to remotely manage your home and take care of its safety at the basic level.


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