Berlin, 31 August 2017. – During the most important consumer electronics fair in Europe, Fibar Group S.A., the manufacturer of the FIBARO System for smart homes will present five new solutions for Apple HomeKit platform.

IFA 2017 is the event where five new FIBARO HomeKit products will be presented – CO Sensor (already available on the market), Wall Plug, Switch, The Button and the Heat Controller (available soon this year). Thus, the range of FIBARO devices adapted to Apple HomeKit will be expanded to eight products (previously including Flood Sensor, Motion Sensor and Door/Window Sensor). FIBARO is the first Polish manufacturer whose devices cooperate with the Apple HomeKit platform.

The first device working with Apple HomeKit that’s already on the market is the CO Sensor – an ultra-lightweight, compact, battery-powered temperature and carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. High sensitivity allows to detect a low level of carbon monoxide at an early stage in order to avoid even a slightest threat. The alarm is signalled by a siren, a blinking LED indicator and a notification sent to the mobile application.

The FIBARO Wall Plug is an intelligent switch that introduces smart management of energy at home. By plugging it into any socket, it enables remote management (switch on/off) of any electrical equipment and monitor the power consumption.

FIBARO Heat Controller is an easy to install thermostatic head, which allows you to adjust the heating to the individual needs of the household members. The head allows not only to control the heating of individual rooms, but also by using an external sensor it can measure the temperature in each of them. This simply translates into significant savings. The Fibaro Heat Controller cooperates with 98% of radiators available on the market and is charged via USB port. One-time battery filling gives it a lifetime for the entire heating season.

FIBARO Single Switch is a module installed in wall switches and flush-mounted boxes. It enables to start and stop electrical equipment, lighting or power in sockets and thanks to its ‘power metering’ function it also provides precise data on energy consumption.

The Button is another HomeKit device from FIBARO product range. This simple button activates a predefined sequence of actions (e.g. activate specific equipment and lighting in the company or notify a close person about an emergency situation when assistance is needed). One button can recognize up to 3 different actions (depending on how many times it is pressed, a different sequence of actions will be launched). The Button is available in 8 different colour versions so that it fits as a decoration in any room.

All FIBARO products that work with HomeKit can be managed through the FIBARO app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 10 required). Another huge advantage is the voice control with Siri. With a simple Siri command we can start the lighting or increase the temperature in the room. If there is an active Apple TV (4th generation or higher) or an iPad with iOS 10, the entire system can be managed remotely. HomeKit solutions are secure thanks to encrypted communication between devices.


Fibar Group S.A. is a Polish brand, operating in the Internet of Things sector, providing solutions in the field of building automation. In just a few years, the FIBARO System has established itself on six continents, in more than a hundred countries, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless intelligent home systems in the world. FIBARO is a system created, developed and produced in Poland – both the headquarters and the FIBARO factory are located in Poznań. The company employs almost 400 people. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space.

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