For the second time FIBARO has participated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year’s edition was focused on 5G technology which will soon introduce a revolution of data transfer speeds in the mobile world.

It is the 5G technology that will soon make its debut on world markets. Experts representing global technology corporations say that it is a standard that will speed up data transmission and stabilize the quality of mobile Internet connection.

In the case of smart home and IoT category, it is an opportunity for more advanced operation of the smart home environment. In particular, the possibilities of managing house from any place in the world will be developed e.g. with use of a simple mobile application by FIBARO. Even though the solution is available now, it awaits the next stage of development. Main issue is a faster response of the devices (not more than 4 ms) and better quality of images from the cameras installed in the house. This is particularly important in the context of one of the last premiere – FIBARO Intercom, an smart intercom from which calls are received on the phone.

5G standard will also allow more advanced IoT operations to be performed. As a driving force for the development of integration between different areas it will be present in smart home and automotive. In this case, the good performance of both of these fields depends on decisions made by the devices, which have to calculate many variables and pick the fastest and most convenient one. With a 5G signal this will be much easier.

It will also stabilize the quality of the connection, which from now on will be able to bear even more devices. This is particularly important in the case of IoT and smart home, where installations are often burdened with data from several dozen devices. Along with introducing the 5G, even a network of hundreds of accessories will not be a problem.

The subject of the 5G standard was very strongly emphasised during the CES. Now, during MWC, the mobile world is continuing this discussion. As for FIBARO customers, this means, above all, even more convenient, remote management of smart home system using a mobile app. Commercial 5G solutions will certainly enable FIBARO to develop new smart home solutions, especially in the area of security and integration with other systems outside the home.

– says Krzysztof Banasiak, the Vice-President of Fibar Group S.A.

During this year’s edition of CES, the Polish manufacturer focused on presenting possibilities of connecting the FIBARO System with the solutions of the largest IoT manufacturers in the world. These include companies such as Google, Amazon or Apple. With more than 175 integrations, FIBARO System is extremely complementary and can be used in conjunction with voice assistants, security systems, lighting, heating and multimedia devices for home entertainment. This is a sign for users that by investing in FIBARO, they can combine solutions from other manufacturers, thereby opening up new possibilities and functions. Closed and airtight systems cannot guarantee such perspectives.


FIBARO is a Polish brand, operating in the Internet of Things sector, providing solutions in the field of building automation. In just a few years, the FIBARO System has established itself on six continents, in more than a hundred countries, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless intelligent home systems in the world. FIBARO is a system created, developed and produced in Poland – both the headquarters and the FIBARO factory are located in Poznań. The company employs almost 400 people. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space.

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