FIBARO will soon introduce a new colour variant of its main control panel which is responsible for the management of the entire system. From now on Home Center 2 will be available not only in silver, but also in black. The edition will be available for sale as of March 26, 2018.

The new colour variant is a response to the feedback of FIBARO customers which had appeared on Internet forums and social media. Black version of the smart home control panel will make it even easier for the FIBARO System to adapt to the interior of any apartment.

When designing FIBARO devices, we focus on their natural fit into the style of living. That is why we try to provide our customers with products in various colours and make them adapt to any given home interior. We did the same with Door/Window Sensor and now it’s time for the Home Center 2.

– says Krzysztof Banasiak, vice-chairman of FIBARO.

The black casing will be made with the same precision and top quality materials as silver version. As in the case of the previous colour variant, users will get a matte finish this time as well.

Home Center 2 will be available for sale on 26 March 2018. More details about the new colour edition will soon be available on the FIBARO official website.




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