The Button, the smart on/off switch, has just expanded the FIBARO product portfolio for Apple HomeKit. It is a simple device that allows the user to control multiple devices with a single click.

FIBARO The Button is a controller that recognizes up to three simple actions such as clicking, double-clicking, or holding. When the user presses the device, it will send a signal to the system to start the appropriate scenario assigned to a single press of a button. For example, with a single click, the hallway and kitchen will be lit and the music will start. With an additional double click, the blinds in the selected rooms are closed.

FIBARO the Button allows householders to easily manage their smart home. With its unique yet intuitive click of a button, it can be used wherever the user’s wants – sky is the limit. It is user-friendly and safe for children, so even they can use it.

Technologies used in FIBARO The Button do not require additional wiring, and the low power consumption of the batteries enables the device to operate for a very long time. The main advantage is its small size – FIBARO The Button is only 34 mm high and 46 mm in diameter which allows it to be mounted on a small area.

All kinds of switches have always been fixed to something – the light is switched on by a contact on the wall, and the lamp light is switched on by pressing a button attached to its cable. The Button is a switch that stands out for its mobility. Its fantastic design and eight colour options make it suitable for any interior.

– says Maciej Fiedler, CEO of FIBARO.

Moreover, The Button is compact and versatile, so it can be attached virtually anywhere. One of the most popular use cases show that it can be hanged in front of the entrance door – thus, with a single click, you can protect your house by closing the roller blinds, turning off the lights and setting the alarm with a single click. Such scenario depicts how can save your time on routine daily tasks.

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