On 6th November the advertising campaign “Your home, your imagination” by FIBARO, a Polish manufacturer of smart homes, was launched. Its main goal is to build awareness of smart home solutions and to indicate the needs of the present market demand.

Research conducted by the IRCenter[1] agency on behalf of FIBARO shows that over 80% of Poles claim to know smart home solutions, but as many as 22.1% misunderstand them by confusing them with decoders or smartphones. Therefore, FIBARO is just starting with the campaign “Your home, Your imagination”, which aims to build knowledge about the solutions.

We’ve noticed that Poles often confuse smart home solutions with other devices in which there is also a “smart” component. That’s why we decided to launch a campaign that will show you the basic advantages of smart home solutions using simple examples. Campaign covers three main areas: safety, comfort and joy of life.

– says Anna Adrian, Marketing and PR Director at FIBARO.

The campaign will be present mainly on television and the Internet. As part of the activities, 3 spots were prepared, which will be broadcast in November and December.

OMI Media House was responsible for the creative concept and production of spots. In turn, Value Media will be responsible for planning and purchasing media.


Fibar Group S.A. is a Polish brand, operating in the Internet of Things sector, providing solutions in the field of building automation. In just a few years, the FIBARO System has established itself on six continents, in more than a hundred countries, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless intelligent home systems in the world. FIBARO is a system created, developed and produced in Poland – both the headquarters and the FIBARO factory are located in Poznań. The company employs almost 400 employees. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space.


Find more details about FIBARO and its products at www.fibaro.com

[1]The IRCenter survey was conducted on a sample of 1046 respondents aged 25-55 with a minimum income of PLN 3,000 per household.


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