To address the ever-growing popularity of voice assistants and instant messaging apps, a brand-new feature has been added to the FIBARO system. FIBARO Smart Home BOT (FIBOT) allows users to manage their smart home through the Facebook Messenger app.

FIBOT is FIBARO’s response to the growing popularity of voice assistants and instant messaging apps, which have quickly become a permanent feature in our everyday communications. Now, FIBARO users will be able to use Facebook Messenger to communicate not only with their friends, but also with their smart homes. FIBARO Smart Home Bot is yet another solution that FIBARO offers its customers to facilitate the even more intuitive control of their smart home system.

Communicating with your Smart Home is as easy as talking to a friend

FIBARO Smart Home Bot is a highly innovative tool that allows users to control their FIBARO system via the popular instant messaging app. It doesn’t require any additional software or system upgrades. In order to communicate with their smart home system, a user only needs to have the Home Center 2 or Home Centre Lite central unit, a FIBARO ID and a profile on Facebook Messenger. Facebook’s bots, which are based on such technologies as AI and advanced NLP, made it possible for FIBARO to develop this solution. As a result, a user’s communication with their smart home system will closely resemble an actual messenger conversation.

Not so long ago, talking to your smart home seemed like pure science fiction or something from a movie. Today, issuing commands to your home has become a reality. This solution – which allows users to control their smart home via Facebook Messenger – allows them to, e.g. check if all their windows are closed by simply asking FIBARO’s Smart Home Bot a question, or change the temperature or light intensity by giving it the appropriate command; all of which are listed on FIBARO’s website. These commands include short orders and questions commonly used in everyday communications, e.g. “Are the lights in the bathroom switched off?”, “What’s the temperature at home?” or “Turn on the heating.” In response, the system will either provide an answer to the question asked by the user or confirm, via Messenger, that a command has been carried out. Currently, users can only communicate with their smart homes in English, as is the case with voice assistants, however, the company doesn’t rule out the possibility of FIBARO’s Smart Home Bot supporting other languages in the future.

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