FIBARO will present its latest smart home solutions, which will soon be available for purchase, at the ongoing IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. The company will showcase products that will allow users to save money on heating, change a room’s lighting with just a single click of a button, or bring new life to old household devices and appliances.

FIBARO’s products are there to enrich people’s lives by creating a comfortable and welcoming home environment. The products showcased at IFA 2018 complement FIBARO’s offer and also allow for its customer’s to expand their already-existing smart home systems.

Smart Implant – a module that brings new life to old devices

During the IFA event, FIBARO will present – for the first time ever – a new product that is the only solution of its kind currently available on the market. FIBARO’s Smart Implant is a small (USB flash drive-sized) device that can turn almost any electronic appliance into an intuitive, wirelessly-operated smart device. Thanks to this simple solution, users can turn their old record players, VCRs or electronic furnaces into yet another component that is integrated with their smart home system.

Smart Implant is a solution aimed at do-it-yourself and vintage equipment enthusiasts as well as smart home system professionals. Its main purpose is to facilitate the wireless management of devices that didn’t have such an option in their original state. It’s an answer to the needs of customers who want to make their homes more modern without necessarily having to get rid of older but still well-functioning devices. A single Smart Implant module can work as and operate two physical buttons, and it’s possible to connect multiple modules to a single device. Thanks to the Smart Implant, users will be able to manage a device’s functions through their FIBARO smartphone or tablet app.

Siren – a compact security device

Alarm modules are a key element of every security system. Burglars are aware of this fact, and therefore try to remove or destroy such modules. This has led to FIBARO designing a specific optical-acoustic alarm device called the Siren. The Siren is equipped with a number of security measures that prevent it from being tampered with and switched off. Users will be notified in the event that a Siren is dismounted from a wall, filled with assembly foam to mute its alarm, or if its housing is forcefully opened. The Siren is also equipped with two independent power systems (an external power supply and internal batteries). It will inform household members about any intruders with a sound and/or light alarm sequence using built-in RGB diodes. However, the Siren isn’t just an alarm. It can also serve as a smart doorbell. Through the FIBARO app, it is a perfect complement to any security system and will serve to improve its users’ comfort of living by giving them peace of mind. The Siren if fully functional with equipment produced by manufacturers of other cable-based alarm systems and can therefore be used as an enhancement to already-existing household security systems.

The HomeKit Heat Controller – manage household heating remotely with your Apple device

Until now, FIBARO’s Heat Controller thermostatic head could only be operated via the Home Center on Android and iOS devices. Following the popular release of the Z-Wave version of the Heat Controller, it was only natural that FIBARO would prepare a complimentary offer dedicated to Apple HomeKit users. The Z-Wave version of FIBARO’s thermostatic debuted last November and marked a new milestone in smart heating systems. Now, Apple users can also control their smart thermostatic heads when not at home. The HomeKit Heat Controller is an innovative device that is mounted directly onto radiator valves and allows its users to take a much smarter and eco-friendly approach to controlling temperatures inside their homes.

The device is designed to meet customers’ needs in terms of both household comfort and taking on an eco-friendly approach to heating. Users can set different temperatures in separate rooms with just a couple of Heat Controllers, the FIBARO Smart Home system and the company’s mobile app installed on their Apple device. Moreover, users also have access to an array of other functionalities, such as the possibility of setting heating schedules – a single touch on a smartphone or tablet can initiate a pre-established heating program that, for example, switch household heating into “vacation mode” where temperatures are dropped whilst users and their families are away for a longer period of time. Another feature is the option to program a smart home system to operate household heating automatically. For example, if a user is making their way back home from work, the FIBARO Smart Home system could automatically increase the temperature inside their home through its integration with a smartphone’s geolocation services. The Heat Controller works with FIBARO temperature sensors that measure temperatures inside a room, and not near sources of heat, to ensure optimal thermal conditions for household members. These temperature sensors detect abrupt temperature changes – for example, if a window is opened or a separate heating device is turned on, the Heat Controller will adjust a room’s heating immediately to accommodate these new changes.

Thanks to remote control functions and its intuitive design, the Heat Controller (through a series of adapters sold with it) can be installed on 98% of all radiators available on the market. Maintenance is also simple, as the Heat Controller features an auto-descaling system and comes with a rechargeable battery and a battery life indicator. Charge it once and it will last for the entire heating season. Through its high functionality, FIBARO’s Heat Controller is a perfect addition to any technologically-advanced, modern home and will surely contribute to lowering unnecessary heating costs for its users.

Roller Shutter 3 – the newest version of an already trusted system

The automation of doors, garage doors, curtains or blinds also falls under the smart home concept. The Roller Shutter 3 was created to improve users’ comfort of living and ensure their safety. Using the FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 with the company’s smart home system allows users to remotely control their roller shutters and also use dedicated programs that automatically adjust sunlight levels in rooms. By selecting a program such as “Morning”, “Day”, “Night”, or “Movie Night, users can change the lighting conditions in a room within seconds. Users with the Roller Shutter 3 installed in their homes can also use the FIBARO app to remotely check if they closed their roller shutters or garage doors – even when they’re not at home. And if they didn’t, they can easily curtain their windows with just a click of a button, thus improving their home security. The Roller Shutter 3 can be paired with home security systems. For example, if a motion sensor detects the presence of an intruder, then the system will automatically lock the doors to selected rooms and activate the alarm. The FIBARO app will also immediately notify its owner about this. The Roller Shutter 3 can significantly enhance the safety of a household. During heating seasons, carbon monoxide poses a serious threat to those unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Roller Shutter 3, combined with CO sensors, can be programmed to automatically react to such a threat by opening roller shutters and thereby ventilating a room if the presence of carbon monoxide is detected.

RGBW Set – managing household lighting has never been this easy

Watching a good movie is a great idea when spending an evening at home. Thanks to FIBARO’s RGBW Set, setting the perfect mood for a movie night has never been so easy. With just a single click through the FIBARO app or with a voice command, users can adjust the intensity and hue of their lighting to create the perfect mood. All thanks to FIBARO’s RGBW tapes and their PSU. A dinner with friends can be quickly become a dance-filled evening in the accompaniment of colorful lights. The possible uses of the RGBW Set are endless – users are only limited by their imagination. The app allows users to choose any color and set its intensity. Moreover, combining the RGBW controller with other FIBARO products can enhance a household’s security. The “alarm” function lets users assign particular colors to selected events. The system can automatically inform users with, for example, a red light, if they forgot to turn off their iron or close the front door when they’re getting ready to leave by starting their car that’s parked in the garage.

FIBARO Installer App – a solution to make a smart home installers’ work much easier

In an effort to achieve the highest quality of services possible, FIBARO keeps in mind the comfort of both its end users and smart home system installers and service technicians. The FIBARO Installer App was created specifically for them. Thanks to its remote configuration system, a specialist doesn’t even have to visit the home of a FIBARO Smart Home system’s user anymore to make system changes or updates – instead, they can remotely configure the system through the Installer App and decide on whether an on-site inspection is really necessary, thereby saving both the specialist’s and a customer’s time. Moreover, thanks to its advanced solutions, the Installer App system can notify an installer of any system irregularities even before a user might notice them.

All devices and applications will be showcased to visitors stopping by the FIBARO stand at the IFA 2018 event in Berlin. FIBARO’s stand number is 108, located in building 6.2, and the stand is open to visitors from August 31st until September 5th.