Estate at Białych Tygrysów is a new residential development in Wrocław, known for its modernity and innovation. Located in a picturesque area, the estate offers not only aesthetically pleasing and functional houses but also several amenities that enhance the living comfort of the residents. The estate comprises 16 units in eight semi-detached houses. The developer, Mesta Development, has installed the FIBARO system as standard in each flat. Moreover, one of the show flats has an extended version of the FIBARO smart home system. Our Lower Silesian distributor, FIBARO Wrocław, conducted an advanced integration of equipment elements of the show home and smart solutions as standard in the flats.

Smart solutions for residents

Estate at Białych Tygrysów offers modern flats with the latest technical solutions to ensure comfort, energy savings, convenience, and safety. Standard flats include a recuperator, a heat pump with underfloor heating, photovoltaic panels, a rainwater recovery system, mechanical ventilation with recuperation, and remote control of roller blinds and heating via the FIBARO system. Furthermore, residents can remotely manage the garage door using the Yubii Home app and receive notifications about its status.

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Advanced smart functionality in the show home

The show home at the Estate at Białych Tygrysów exemplifies modern technology in everyday life. The FIBARO smart home system is a comprehensive solution that integrates various devices and systems in the house, managed via a single Yubii Home app. In addition to standard features like controlling heating, lighting, roller blinds, air conditioning, and the alarm system, the FIBARO system has been integrated with the Frapol recuperator, Panasonic heat pump, Solplanet inverter, and Arylic audio system. The proprietary QuickApps developed by FIBARO Wrocław are key to these integrations. These solutions allow for remote control and automation of many household functions, ensuring comfort and saving.. 

Recuperation control

Recuperation ensures a house filled with fresh air while saving on heating costs. By integrating the FIBARO system with the recuperation system, residents can control the recuperator from the smart home system. It enables residents to change the recuperator settings and set scenes from anywhere in the world. The integration allows for the automatic selection of ventilation parameters based on the status of FIBARO system sensors or even the alarm system, enhancing living comfort and reducing energy consumption. 

Heat pump control

The heating control in the show house at the Estate at Białych Tygrysów uses advanced technology that combines a heat pump with the FIBARO smart home system, enabling comprehensive management of the heating system and domestic hot water production. A modern heating system with a heat pump and underfloor heating ensures even and efficient heating throughout the flat. Heating control via the integrated heat pump allows multi-zone heating management, enabling independent temperature adjustments in six zones, personalised settings, and real-time temperature monitoring. QuickApp provides a view of the current status of each heating zone, allowing users to track which zones are active.

Photovoltaics with the FIBARO system

Effective oversight of energy generation involves continuously monitoring production, consumption, and storage. Inverter readings help residents plan to increase their self-consumption of energy. Integrating with the FIBARO system allows users to optimise surplus energy by creating automated scenes, such as heating water or turning on the cooker. These scenes enable residents to automatically utilise surplus energy, like raising the room temperature by 1°C to activate the heat pump and store energy in the CO water buffer, floor heating circuits, and room temperature. When energy production decreases and the basic temperature settings are restored, the stored energy reduces the power consumption of the heat pump, conserving electricity during lower production.

Extended smart home functionalities

The FIBARO System, with its extended functionalities and applied integrations, provides eco-friendly solutions that support sustainability and energy savings. The show house at the Estate at Białych Tygrysów features these integrations, allowing each resident to enhance their flats with these functionalities. These integrations use the Modbus protocol, commonly found in heating and ventilation equipment, energy production, and storage systems, etc. QuickApps are available to all Partners, manufacturers, and users of the Fibaro System on the MarketPlace platform.

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