Meeting the high expectations of customers and the dynamic changes in the IoT market, Nice introduces a new application called Yubii Home for managing the smart home system of the Nice and FIBARO brands, offering users even greater control, convenience, and customization options for controlling their smart home according to their individual needs. The new mobile application provides breakthrough capabilities for both the system installers and the end users, significantly reducing the time required for smart home system installation and enhancing its usability

Yubii Home was designed with all Yubii ecosystem owners in mind to further simplify smart home management, facilitate control of individual smart devices and improve the use of dedicated integrations with the use of popular QuickApps. We have at our disposal a tool that distinguishes certified smart system installers from end customers in a clear and straightforward manner. An additional feature typical for apps for the 3rd generation platforms is the smooth operation of Yubii Home, which will be regularly optimized in the future.

Lightweight application interface

The visual changes of the new mobile application are clearly visible. The refreshed and aesthetic interface translates into easier functionality and faster performance of the application itself. Using the new app does not require reconfiguring our current smart home system from scratch – we can quickly and intuitively add our favorite devices, sections, and rooms. Without any difficulties, we can log into the existing configuration and enjoy all the conveniences of Yubii Home.

Fully customizable dashboard

The user is given the ability to fully customize the Favorites tab by deciding which elements to display, as well as a more organized and clearer Settings section. With the use if two distinct color themes, one can quickly adjust the application to their individual preferences.

Easily add any device

A new and simplified way of adding devices has been introduced, which utilizes detailed step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done. A significant improvement is the ability to change device configuration parameters during the pairing process through the application. This allows, for example, specifying the type of switches connected to a module already installed in the flush-mounted box.

Easy-to-create scenarios  

From now on, it’s possible to create new scenarios directly within the application. Although they work in a similar way to block scenes, they are faster to configure. 

Installer mode

The new application not only provides convenience for the end customers but also practical tools for smart system installers. A special installer mode allows configuring a new gateway in terms of key elements: creating new sections and rooms, adding smart devices, and creating scenarios. The installation of the smart home system takes place without the need to connect to the customer’s home network, change passwords, or create user accounts. It is essential to point out the time required to add the first devices – simply scan the QR code located on the gateway and select “I am an installer” option. Once the installation process is completed, the installer can send an invitation for the customer to complete the configuration.

The new Yubii Home app works with gateways Yubii Home Pro, Home Center 3, Home Center 3 Lite and Yubii Home, and requires firmware version 5.153. 

Download the new app

Yubii Home is available at App Store and Google Play:

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