It is hard to survive the summer in a heated home. In recent years, temperatures have often exceeded the norm, making it unbearably hot indoors. Can you cope without air conditioning? Yes, thanks to intelligent shade control such as the FIBARO Roller Shutter 4.

Simple ways to cool your home without air conditioning

Fans, humidifiers, and adequate ventilation can significantly reduce indoor temperatures. Two fans simultaneously—one at the front door and one at the window—can quickly remove warm air. Humidifiers improve the indoor climate, and a home remedy is to hang a wet towel in the room. Ventilating the room at night, when the temperature is lower, also helps maintain a comfortable temperature. But what can be done to keep the heat out altogether?  

The importance of large windows

Large windows are a beautiful feature of any home, but they can be problematic in the summer. West-facing windows heat rooms by letting in the sun’s rays. The glass of the window panes traps heat, which is then quickly reflected back into the room. Therefore, it is important to manage the amount of sunlight that enters the room. This can be achieved by controlling the shading, a task made easier by the FIBARO Roller Shutter 4.

FIBARO Roller Shutter 4: a modern solution

FIBARO Roller Shutter 4 is the latest generation of motor controls for roller shutters, venetian blinds, and awnings. It can also operate Roman blinds, and garage doors, open the canopy of a gazebo, and even control the window opening. Equipped with Z-Wave 800 for an extended range, this module allows precise adjustment of the position of the roller shutters and the angle of the slats, as well as measuring electricity. Roller Shutter 4 works with roller shutter motors equipped with electronic and mechanical limit switches, making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

What makes Roller Shutter 4 different?

Roller Shutter 4 has several new features that increase its versatility and ease of use. It allows easy grouping and one-button group control and has two button modes: Click to Move and Hold to Move. Innovations such as up-and-down motor testing, button and output orientation changes without wiring adjustments, simplify installation and configuration. Users can also double-click to start a favourite position, set a virtual end point, and benefit from compatibility with third-party gateways. Operating and configuring Roller Shutter 4 doesn’t require a computer or logging into a browser user interface; everything is available on the phone. The process takes place in the Yubii Home app using a brand new configuration wizard that guides you step-by-step through adding and configuring the device.

Roller Shutter 4 has more N and L contacts, allowing the use of WAGO connectors, and eliminating the need for additional connectors. The type of end device can be selected in the product settings, adapting the control interface to the connected device, such as roller shutters or slat blinds. The shutter module works with various push-buttons and almost any kind of 230V motors, making it ideal for smart home systems. Designed for flush mounting, its compact dimensions (one of the smallest modules on the market!) make it easy to install.

Controlling scenes

Roller Shutter 4 offers various options for programming scenes that automate the shading management in the home.

You can program a scene to close the shutters in a particular room at a specific time. For instance, the blinds in a south-facing room can close at 9 a.m. to prevent the sun from heating up the room, while the north-facing blinds may not close at all or only in the afternoon. This keeps the interior cooler throughout the day, increasing occupant comfort.

In combination with the Motion Sensor, which also has a lux meter, a scene can be set in which the blinds close when a certain level of sunlight is exceeded. This solution automatically adjusts the shading according to the light intensity, protecting the room from overheating. This is particularly useful on sunny days when the sunlight amount varies dynamically.

You can also set the blinds to close 15 minutes before sunset. This is useful if you have west-facing windows to prevent glare from the sun. The blinds can then close completely 15 minutes after sunset, allowing the household to slowly prepare for sleep. Such automation provides a comfortable environment for relaxation without the need to manually control the blinds.

A unique feature of Roller Shutter 4 is the Virtual End Stop function. It allows you to precisely set the end positions of blinds or shutters without physical limiters. This makes it possible to control devices without built-in limiters. Using the app, you can specify exactly where you want the blind to stop, giving you full control over its position. For example, the virtual end-stop function allows you to stop the blind at 2/3 of the drop height so that on a hot, sunny day you can have a pleasant twilight instead of complete darkness.

The virtual end stop can also be used to program a wall-mounted shutter switch. For example, with two clicks you can activate the setting of your favorite shutter position. This solution adds to the convenience of the blinds by providing quick access to your favourite shading settings.

There ar emany benefits of these settings. Automatic shading improves living comfort by maintaining the optimum room temperature. It protects against excessive sunlight, which can cause the interior to overheat. In addition, smart blind management can help save energy by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Security on holiday

Roller Shutter 4 is not only about convenience but also about security. Scenes can be programmed to simulate your presence at home while you are on holiday. The shutters can automatically open in the morning, lower slightly at lunchtime, and close in the evening. This gives potential thieves the impression that the house is occupied, which is a deterrent.

Smart modules to control roller shutters such as the FIBARO Roller Shutter 4 are the perfect solution for hot days. They allow you to effectively control the temperature in your home, improving your living comfort without the need for air conditioning. Roller Shutter 4 brings relief in the summer, enhances living comfort, and increases home security.