During the largest construction fair in Poland, a strategic technological partnership of two giants with Polish origin was initiated. FAKRO, a manufacturer of joinery and FIBARO, a global provider of smart home solutions, will operate in close cooperation, exchanging knowledge and experience. The two companies complement each other by expanding their offerings with products and partner solutions in order to enable even more advanced smart home systems to their customers.

These are great news for the customers of both companies, who can already use the integrated smart home solutions at the highest, world level. Both brands will use each other’s specialist products and know-how to create a duo that will allow the smart home to reach out for even more customers.

For several years now, FAKRO has been successfully using a building automation system supplied by its partner from Poznań as part of the “Works with FIBARO” programme. However, it was only during BUDMA that the idea arose to clinch and expand the cooperation between the companies on other levels as well to promote each other’s solutions. The cooperation between the two companies will therefore have a technological, marketing and commercial dimensions.

Many products from the FAKRO woodwork offer are manufactured in “smart-home-ready” standard, i.e. allowing their use in an intelligent home environment. The key cooperation between FAKRO and FIBARO gives new, much greater possibilities in the scope of creating a smart building. Close cooperation between global manufacturers makes it possible to develop and use FIBARO products such as control panels, sensors or applications to control FAKRO products in a smart home from anywhere in the world. FAKRO and FIBARO products complement each other by creating an ideal set for smart buildings.

– says Janusz Komurkiewicz, Member of the FAKRO Management Board.

FIBARO on the other hand, through its strategic partnership with one of the largest window joinery suppliers in the region, has a chance to reach thousands of customers looking for smart home solutions.

In recent years FIBARO has become a leader in the field of smart home not only in Poland, but also in the world. We operate on 6 continents and over 100 markets and our system cooperates with such brands as Apple, Google or Amazon. In our global strategy, we focus on broad integration with many manufacturers and suppliers, including window and door joinery. We have to admit that our customers, when looking for products complementary to our system, often ask about FAKRO solutions and products. I am therefore pleased that FAKRO, as a leader in its field is becoming our partner. Our closer cooperation will contribute to a more comprehensive service to our customers. The FIBARO System enables integrated control of many devices and solutions, from window joinery, through lighting and heating, to automatically sliding curtains. Smart home has never been so close to customers needs!

– Mikołaj Pertek, director of the Polish branch of FIBARO.

What is integration all about?

Now, thanks to the technology partnership with FIBARO and based on the Z-Wave communication protocol, the products of FAKRO joinery receive support for building automation and their control can be carried out by means of one coherent system. Whole process is carried out by means of a dedicated application or from the level of a web browser app. The heart of the system is the Home Center 2 which allows you to connect more devices that increase the functionality of a smart home. Possibility of expanding the system, centralization of management and continuous technical support make the FIBARO System one of the world’s leading solutions of this type. Its openness to integration with various manufacturers such as Google Home, Philips HUE, Bose, Yamaha, Sonos or Netatmo makes the system a great base for further expansion with new functionalities for many years to come.


Innovation is the guiding idea that has led the Polish company FAKRO since its foundation. The company started its activity 27 years ago with a simple production of roof windows. Continuous and dynamic development contributed to creation of a global brand, whose top quality products are available in over 50 countries around the world. Currently, the offer includes over 1000 products from the range of joinery, including roof windows, vertical windows, garage gates, entrance doors and window awnings. The next stage is to implement the FAKRO smartHome system adapting the product offer to the requirements of today’s customer, in order to ensure the comfort of living at the highest level.


FIBARO is a Polish brand, operating in the Internet of Things sector, providing solutions in the field of building automation. In just a few years, the FIBARO System has established itself on six continents, in more than a hundred countries, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless intelligent home systems in the world. FIBARO is a system created, developed and produced in Poland – both the headquarters and the FIBARO factory are located in Poznań. The company employs almost 400 people. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space.

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