FIBARO Home Center is a brand new FIBARO mobile app for smart home management which was awarded the title of CES Innovation Honoree in the Software category at CES Unveiled New York. The app is equipped with a clear and intuitive interface, thanks to which the user can easily handle any FIBARO devices and other compatible products. Additionally, the app uses machine learning to remember user preferences and respond to their needs.

Intuitive operation and clear design

One of the main goals of creating a new app was to increase the comfort of controlling smart devices at home. FIBARO Home Center is a ultimate smart home HUB, a heart of the home. Beta versions of the app were tested by 1000 users, whose suggestions and needs were taken into account during the development of a new version of the app. The brand from Poznań launches a product that was created 100% of users active commitment. The new app has received a clear design and intuitive interface with categories that make the navigation super easy – evidenced by its 100% UX (user experience). Immediately after launching the mobile app, the user will see a summary of the home status, where state of alarms, temperature, power consumption, movement, light, doors, windows and shutters, gates and switches are displayed. Then the user can go to favorite devices, scenes, or to rooms summary dashboard. The mobile app will also suggest actions based on usage analysis.

CES 2019 smart home

Faster, better, smarter

The mobile app was equipped with two color themes — daytime (Light Blue and Silver Light) and night (Dark Blue) — taptic technology, thanks to which the smartphone vibrates while triggering action in the interface, 20 language versions, including Arabic.

It is also worth emphasizing that the app supports the shortcuts of iOS voice assistant – Siri, so we can control scenes with voice command.

There are also new languages ​​in which you can communicate with the FIBARO system using Google Home, which are German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The FIBARO Home Center app is available to download for free for both, the iOS and Android. The new app will replace the older version which will no longer be supported at the end of June. Since then, the management of the FIBARO smart home will only take place through the new application.

FIBARO Home Center for Android FIBARO Home Center for iOS


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