Two products awarded with the CES Innovation Awards Honorees title – the outstanding Smart Implant and the brand new mobile app for smart home system called FIBARO Home Center. FIBARO meets Las Vegas again at the world’s largest technology fair with some new product launches. This is another time the company represents the outstanding Polish technological idea in the USA. Company from Poland has already a warm welcome thanks to the awards.

The world’s largest technology fair CES 2019 attracts many brands that come to Las Vegas to show off their unique products and amazing technologies. The most innovative products are awarded the title of CES Innovation Awards Honorees. Two products from the FIBARO portfolio – Smart Implant and FIBARO Home Center app have earned this title this year.

“Smart Implant and Home Center mobile app are another products developed in Poland that are gaining worldwide recognition. We are particularly proud that we are setting trends. It is kind of a goal pursuit which is constantly guiding us to reach new and unknown fields of the smart home. CES Innovation Awards Honorees awarded to FIBARO products is the best evidence of that.”

– explains Krzysztof Banasiak, FIBARO board member

FIBARO Smart Implant is a device that allows almost any equipment to become a smart element of an entire smart home system. An old turntable, amplifier, a classic coffee maker and other retro equipment can be controlled via your smartphone. Just equip it with the Smart Implant. This smart module will be a complete novelty to the US market. Europeans already had the opportunity to get to know Smart Implant at IFA Berlin.

Smart Implant

FIBARO Home Center is a new mobile app for smart home system. The most visible advantages are the exceptional transparency and ease of use, but they are not the only ones that make the product revolutionary. The mobile app is equipped with machine learning which opens up unprecedented possibilities for owners of smart home devices. Users will receive a smart assistant who will learn their daily behaviour and habits and then suggest specific actions involving smart devices, predicting the needs of the household.

Home Center app

FIBARO Walli (wɔːl – aɪ) is a new, complete line of sockets and switches that connects smart and classic devices that will turn your ordinary home into a smart home that knows what to do. The portfolio includes a full range of devices, which allow the user to maintain visual consistency throughout the entire house. Additionally, Walli stands for daily savings due to reduced electricity consumption by automated light management or smart power shut off of the devices being in standby mode. Brand new series of switches and outlets are perfect not only for individual customers, they will certainly appeal to real-estate developers.

Smart outlets and switches


FIBARO Rainbow Controller by FIBARO is a device available in a set includinytwo-meter LED strip, controller and power supply) or offering the controller itself in the HomeKit version. It allows you to control the intensity, color, warmth scale of lighting. One of the best features though are the light animations you can combine with it. The product is aimed at Apple enthusiasts and will support both iOS and MacOS

FIBARO stand with a record of over 70 sqm has been prepared to imitate a real house interior divided into rooms packed with features of a smart home.

All the visitors at CES in Las Vegas will find FIBARO booth at Sands Expo, Hall A-D, level 2, booth number 40540.

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