On December 29, 2023, there was a formal merger of Fibar Group and Nice – Polska companies who had operated jointly within the Nice Group. As a result of this strategic action, Nice – Polska becomes the legal successor of Fibar Group (the acquired company), opening a new chapter in the history of both companies. This is an important step in the history of the companies, the details of which we would also like to present to our clients.

The formal merger means that Nice-Polska has assumed all the rights and obligations of Fibar Group, becoming the legal successor. In practice, this means continuation of the current activities of the Fibar Group within Nice – Polska.

The consolidation of Fibar Group and Nice – Polska is consistent with the global strategy of the Nice Group, which aims to create one common company on markets where different enterprises operate. Similar actions are already being taken among other acquired companies, in Brazil and USA. The change opens up new opportunities, a new perspective and a sense of full belonging to the world of the Nice Group, in accordance with the Group’s philosophy “One Team, One Mission, One Company”

– explains Adam Krużyński, Member of the Management Board of Nice – Polska and CEO of Fibar Group.

 The main goal is to organize the Group’s structure and effectively use synergies to develop new technologies together as one business environment. The plans and ambitions of the Nice Group mean many interesting tasks and projects in the coming years, primarily related to the development of Home Management Solutions. Nice Group is constantly expanding its product offer, providing customers comprehensive solutions in the field of home automation, home security and smart home. By expanding the product portfolio, Nice pursues its mission by responding to the increasingly demanding market needs in providing innovative solutions that make life easier and more convenient.


What does the change mean for users of the FIBARO system?

  • Potential buyers of the automation system can expect an expanded and attractive offer – product development, comprehensive service.
  • Continuous development of the Nice Home Management category, which includes smart technologies and integrated solutions for the entire home, enabling monitoring and control of various house areas, offering more complement smart home system.
  • No formal changes.
  • Availability of two product lines in smart home category: the FIBARO brand and the Nice brand.

What does the change mean to FIBARO business partners?

  • Manufacturing of FIBARO and Nice smart home devices will be carried out at the Nice – Polska Wysogotowo Branch.
  • The name of the manufacturer of FIBARO brand products is changed to Nice – Polska Sp. z o. o
  • Change of seller’s data – Nice – Polska Sp. z o.o. will appear on all sales documents, including address : 2a Parzniewska street, 05-800 Pruszków, NIP (tax ID): PL9521240786.

The consolidation of Fibar Group and Nice – Polska is expected to bring a beneficial effect, in particular in terms of business efficiency, current operations support through agile cooperation of the combined teams, as well as improving the quality of services provided to business clients and Partners of both companies in Poland.