September is a month when children go back to school and family schedules are modified significantly.  Each year our loved ones become more independent till they can finally legally walk to school on their own. The age factor is not the only one that parents take into account, and they will often try to evaluate the level of maturity and emotional development of their children by themselves. Those who have any doubts are likely to seek ways in which young ones can be more protected but not limited in terms of their independence at the same time.

Get back from school safely

The way back from school is often the main concern. Children are taught principles of road traffic, that one should always remain cautious at zebra crossings and that it is only safe to cross when the green light is on. Furthermore, our loved ones should know that they are not supposed to talk to strangers, avoid lifts from an unknown vehicle,s or experiment with shortcuts and new routes. Ouconcernsns can be to some extent resolved by using a smartwatch with GPS and being able to call mom or dad. This way parents can monitor the current location of their child and assist it if needed.

Home alone

It’s worth mentioning that the second part of the adventure takes place at home when the child is waiting for their parents to come back from work. Luckily smart home systems available on the market offer various ways in which the child can be more secure and parents less worried. For instance, a system consisting of smart wall plugs and smart sensors, allows parents to create daily routines that will keep an eye on the little ones and inform them about any hazards.

By using FIBARO Door/Window Sensor and geofencing parents can use  Yubii Home mobile app to monitor whether or not a child left home or came back from school. While in the perfect scenario a child will rest for a little while and do the homework, watching television or playing computer games is often more tempting. To ensure that the child does not spend long hours in front of the screen we can use  FIBARO Wall Plug. This smart device can inform us via the mobile app if the appliances were running for too long and can even allow us to turn them off remotely. While the latter may seem harsh, it will deifinetyl help to establish a daily routine.

Prepare your meals safely

Parents, whose children will have to wait at home longer, should prepare a healthy meal for their loved ones. An older child can easily operate a microwave or find a snack in the fridge – a smart system will inform the parents about that. An additional safety measure can be presented in a form of FIARO Smoke Sensor, which not only will detect smoke but also increased temperaturę in the kitchen. Proper notification will be sent to parents via Yubii Home app, and a sound alarm of the sensor will be set off. Both the sound alarm and mobile notifications will allow parents or neighbors to act appropriately.

Support for the family budget

A wide range of ways in which the system can be expanded according to the individual needs of all family members is undoubtedly a major advantage of the FIBARO system. It is worth mentioning that your smart home can also take care of the family budget. For instance, you can automate temperature measurement at home so that the heating will switch off automatically when no family members are present or increase the temperature right before someone gets back home. Apart from scenes that are triggered automatically when specific conditions are met, you can trigger all the scenarios manually if needed.  Making your lighting system smart can also generate additional savings – if someone forgets to switch off the lights before leaving the house, the system allows us to adjust that remotely.

Non-invasive installation and investment in the future

FIBARO smart home is a wireless system. The available devices use batteries or are placed directly inside mounting boxes. Thus, the installation can take place at any point of the investment. No need for breaking holes in walls or dealing with tons of cables. Creating a safe and smart environment for the child will benefit the development of independence and life skills. It will also improve decision-making skills which play a crucial role in school and future life.