The increased popularity of smart home systems available in the market resulted in making solutions not considered as relevant several years ago, a determinant of how comfortable and safe life should look like. Often our elderly parents or grandparents live far away from us and taking care of them becomes difficult. Despite your best intentions, you are unable to assist them in everyday situations and spend with them as much time as you would like to. Sometimes facilitating their duties by including automation or unnoticeable monitoring can improve their comfort and security. On the other hand, for children and grandchildren, this means peace of mind, especially when they receive a notification that sums up activities from a given day. 

How smart home solution assist elderly people and their caregivers? Here are some examples. 

Full control with a single press of a button

To perform selected tasks in your smart home, you will use one dedicated Yubii app. It allows you to control the entire home using your mobile phone or a tablet. With a single click, you will switch off lights in the other room before going to bed and will lock the main door with the use of a smart door lock. Yubii app allows you to monitor the surrounding area of your loved ones from any place at home or even in the world. 

When you are at the office all it takes is a single tap on your smartphone to make sure that everything is all right at home. A similar scenario will work when you are far away, on a business trip for instance – you will be notified about any unwanted activities automatically. FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will send you a notification about not opening the medicine cabinet with important medicine that should have been taken at a given time of day. 

Apart from the mobile app, one can also control his/her smart home with actuators such as FIBARO the Button or a remote controller called FIBARO KeyFob. Each of these devices can be assigned several functions. The Button can be positioned on a night table next to the bed to easily switch off any unnecessary devices before going to sleep. KeyFob on the other hand can be used as a portable remote controller that you carry with you throughout the day. It can be especially useful for elderly people that despite their age have a very active lifestyle. When leaving the house in a hurry they can instantly switch off all the lights, decrease the temperature in unused rooms, lock the main door, and activate the alarm system.  

Comfort and automation

A major advantage of a smart home system is that apart from single activities it can also perform a wide range of complex actions that you can personalize. Most of these tasks can run automatically and householders don’t have to worry or remember about anything. At sunset, the shades can automatically go up and during the day the temperature in given rooms can be adjusted according to individual needs of the smart home users. A significant convenience for elderly people is the possibility to use smart lighting. A light in the bathroom will turn on automatically when the door opens and will switch off when the person leaves the room. Similarly, FIBARO Motion Sensor will make sure that light will automatically follow your movement in a dark corridor. 

Safety and protection

Comfort and a sense of independence and control are important; however, security is not a trivial matter either. FIBARO smart home system protects all householders from various hazards. FIBARO Flood Sensor coupled with a smart valve controller will quickly detect any water leak caused by a damaged dishwasher or a washing machine and will turn off the main water valve. This will prevent costly damage for you and your neighbors and save a lot of stress. Furthermore, FIBARO Smoke Sensor and CO Sensor will use a loud sound alarm to notify about smoke, unexpected higher temperature, or even slightly increased levels of lethal and odorless carbon monoxide in the air. In addition, smart home solutions will help you remotely monitor people visiting the house and grant access to the property to specific family members, or certain providers such as couriers or servicemen. All this can take place without having to engage an elderly person resting in another room or when we are away doing shopping. A courier will leave your package in the corridor and with the use of an integrated security camera you will know that everything went smoothly, and that the main door locked automatically right after the person left. 

FIBARO is a reliable smart home system, which allows full control over different elements of your smart home ecosystem and makes it possible to create solutions that fulfill the needs of individual householders. An active senior and a caring daughter who lives away from her elderly parents will find solutions that match their expectations of how comfortable, safe and easier the future should look like.