The subject of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is a very important issue for FIBARO which we have been cultivating and developing for years. As a company we employ nearly 400 employees and our products can be found on every continent, therefore, undertaking CSR activities is natural for us and indispensable in doing business on this scale.


We help as a team but also as separate units

One of the objectives of FIBARO is to sensitize employees to the needs of others. Therefore, the activities aimed at helping people that really need support are organised not only by the company as an entity but also by volunteering employees. The Human Resources Department (HR) monitor and administer sports and charity events.

One of our flagship projects is patronage over “Neverland” the sociotherapeutic centre for children which operates under the supervision of the “Winged” Foundation. Currently, the room is regularly visited by about 25 children aged 7 to 16. We strive to support Neverland in all important moments of functioning of this magical place.

Thanks to our support, children from Neverland can enjoy the fact that 5 days a week they have the opportunity to stay in a renovated and well equipped day room and enjoy tasty and hot meals. On the premises of our company there are various activities supporting day room of Neverland, such as Christmas and Easter gifts (collection of sweets and gifts) or “Smiling School” which takes place during the beginning of the school year.

— explains Renata Zbucka, head of FIBARO HR Department.

Support of Neverland includesnumerous excursions and attractions for the children during winter and summer semi-colonies. Every year Neverland children play together with us during family picnics organized for FIBARO employees.

All these years FIBARO has been actively participating in a nationwide Christmas gifts collection called Christmas package, which is another event in the company’s life confirming the huge social engagement of FIBARO employees. As donors, we choose families from our neighbourhood, from Poznań who need help, then our team prepares food and make gifts for all family members.

– explains Agata Sąsiadek, HR Specialist HR Specialist.

One of the most common acitvities is collecting bottle nuts. However, aim of our mission called “Do not twist up — collect bottle tops” is to help sick Stefania. Collected bottle tops are resold to a recycling company, and all the money we collect, Stefania’s parents can spend on physical rehabilitation, purchase of medicines, rehabilitation equipment and commuting to medical specialists. In each kitchen or dining room there are boxes in which our employees put bottle tops.

We love movement and supporting charity actions

When choosing sports events in which we participate as a company and to which we encourage our employees, we pay special attention to sports activities during which charity activities are promoted and carried out.

These include the Ekiden relay race where the organizer allocates part of the fee paid by each team to the “Na Tak” association from Poznan. Thanks to this, we support children, adolescents and adults with various neurological and genetic disorders.

– says Katarzyna Panada, FIBARO HR Specialist.

One of the most popular forms of active support for people and families in need is the Business Run. FIBARO was one of nearly 300 companies and institutions that have been exhibiting teams competing in this run for years. What is important, since last year we have also been involved in the organization of this huge enterprise, thus supporting people who have amputations and locomotor disabilities.

These actions are only part of the activities with which FIBARO supports local communities and tries to make its “brick” to the ones that need help the most. In 2019, we will continue to pay great attention to sports activities which do not only integrate our employees but have a real impact on our environment.