The well-being of the team is the basis, it is difficult to talk about efficient implementation of everyday tasks and high quality of implemented projects without it. At FIBARO we always try to support the work of our employees by offering them many health and social oriented initiatives. On the one hand, they improve daily performance but on the other hand, they enable better teamwork. Three-person HR Department is responsible of the Employer Branding policy at FIBARO and as a strong HR team they coordinate the year-round employee facility programme.

Sports emotions build a sense of well-being

The sportsmanship competition is what many of our employees have in common. We try to maintain good habits by creating a common space of interest between our employees and the company. This is also why sports is the top subject practically all the time in our company.

– said Renata Zbucka, HR Manager

We believe that by promoting an athletic attitude within our team, we will contribute to the overall well-being and quality of work of our employees. The old principle says “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, but we base our wellness programme not only on financing multisport benefit or private medical care. We are also involved in many recognised sporting initiatives.

Our employees take part in such events as Business Run, Ekiden or Survival Race each year. Many of them are also committed runners, who can cope with the distances of half-marathons or even marathons.

Na imprezach integracyjnych FIBARO nie brakuje także inicjatyw sportowych dla najmłodszych. Dzieci pracowników biorą udział w turniejach i zawodach przygotowanych specjalnie dla nich, a oni sami chętnie angażują się w gry zespołowe, które wzmagają dobrego ducha rywalizacji. Na jednej z ostatnich imprez testowaliśmy również zainteresowanie wspinaczką i zachęcaliśmy pracowników do korzystania ze specjalnie przygotowanych ścianek wspinaczkowych.

Family is the key

We care about the family values very much and understand that many of our employees are young parents who are just starting out on their way to bringing up their children. It is important to us to support them in this special period by providing financial support for each new member of the FIBARO family and sponsor a special trip for them.

– explains Agata Sąsiadek, HR personal consultant at FIBARO

Flexibility is thus very important for parents, especially if we speak of the first period right after birth. That is why we are trying to enable them to reconcile family and professional life by using more flexible forms of work. Moreover, during employee integration we always create space for their children, who on the one hand can learn what their parents do every day and on the other hand, take part in numerous games and sports activities prepared especially for them.

Integration builds stronger teams

FIBARO integrates not only technology but, above all, people. In our 400-person team, projects often overlap. Different experts must cooperate closely together in a variety of situations, including the stressful ones.

That is why it is so important to create a space for them to play together and integrate, which will allow them to distance themselves from everyday challenges. Apart from cyclical meetings and integration meetings, once a year we organize a special Family picnic to organize even more pleasant time to our entire team.

– said Katarzyna Panada, HR personal consultant at FIBARO

This year’s picnic edition took place in the second week of June and attracted a total of 600 people, including as many as 150 children. Our employees had the opportunity to take part in a football tournament, which turned out to be an introduction to the upcoming World Cup 2018 and positively set the team for further integration.

Children, on the other hand, faced various sporting challenges, such as 100 meter run or a mega-table footbal tournament. The integration was ended with the FIBARO prize awards given to employees in categories referring to the products contained in the company’s portfolio. The awards were granted in the following categories: Smoke Sensor – the riot detector, Motion Sensor – athlete of the year, Wall Plug – money saver of the year and Swipe – magician of the year.

The traditional picnic was held for the 3rd time. As in previous years, the event was also attended by children from the “Nibylandia” sociotherapeutic club, which has been supported by the Board and employees of FIBARO for several years. Thanks to the support obtained during the picnic, the employees of the “Uplifted” Foundation can fulfill the dreams of their alumnus.

A compound approach to the well-being of our employees is a very important element of FIBARO Strategy. Soon we will undergo quite big but positive changes in order to make everyday project work and breaking new barriers will become even easier. We believe that most valuable employees are those who are satisfied with their workplace and the people around them.

– claims Renata Zbucka