On April 19, 2018, a Fire Talk meeting devoted to the Internet of Things was held. Krystian Bergmann, Head of Technical Projects at FIBARO was one of the speakers who talked about the impact of the Internet of Things on the development of smart homes.

Fire Talk is a series of events devoted to new technologies, during which IT specialists meet representatives of modern industries. The latest edition of Fire Talk was focused mainly on the issue of the Internet of Things.

During the meeting, representatives of the Sobieski Institute, FIBARO, Siemens, Glaze Prosthetics, Connected Life Magazine, Abyss Glass Group and YouTuber Radosław Schmalz had discussed issues related to the IoT industry, its development, opportunities and challenges. Cyber security, the impact of IoT on urban and automotive development and the future of voice assistants were among the most frequently raised topics.

Support for technologies such as Google Assistant is a key issue for FIBARO because it revolutionizes the way people use the Internet and promotes the philosophy of the Internet of Things on an unprecedented scale. – said Krystian Bergmann, Head of Technical Projects at FIBARO, during his speech.

After some individual speeches, a panel was held with the participation of all the speakers, during which questions from the audience were also discussed. The meeting took place at the Campus Warsaw, A Google Space.

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