On December 6th, the Forum of Good Design was held – it is a cyclical meeting, which brings together Polish representatives of the world of architecture and design including manufacturers and distributors. The fifth edition of the event was also attended by the Polish company FIBARO, a manufacturer of smart home solutions.

The Forum of Good Design was held for the fifth time in Warsaw, at the Jabłkowski Brothers’ Department Store. More than 900 people took part in the event, including 40 speakers and 150 jurors of the “Good Design 2018” competition. This year’s edition was also attended by FIBARO, a Polish manufacturer of smart home solutions.

We are happy to be able to take part in such an important event. From the very beginning, FIBARO has focused on product design. We believe that they should blend in as much as possible with any interior, which is why we take care of the minimalist design of our accessories.

– said Mikołaj Pertek, Country Manager at FIBARO.

At the FIBARO stand, the participants of the event could get acquainted with the functionalities of the entire smart home system. It consists of 3 core elements: a central unit, which is the brain of the entire system, sensors acting as human senses, and executive devices, which resemble human muscles. The operation of the system can be illustrated by a simple example: an intelligent light sensor transmits information to the control panel, which decides whether to open or close the roller blinds in the window with the use of an electronic controller.

Functioning of smart home system can significantly increase living comfort of household members, but it is also a good tool to increase savings (e.g. with accessories responsible for current measurement and heating control) and a way to prop up the house safety (e.g. by means of door and window opening sensors).


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