Warsaw on 15 December 2017. FIBARO Intercom is the latest and one of the most technologically advanced elements of the Polish smart home system. The device which debuts on European markets today, not only allows you to handle high quality video calls but also remotely manage access to the house and increase the level of security and convenience of the household members.

FIBARO Intercom combines functions of a modern intercom and home access control device, providing a high sense of security and control over who we let into our thresholds. Intercom can be installed anywhere near the front door or e.g. on an property entrance gate. It is one of the few devices of this type on the market that allows to transmit video of Full HD quality (1080p) and with a very wide angle of camera view up to 180 degrees in fish-eye perspective. This allows you to view and record not only people who are calling at our door, but also what is happening around the house or property. The device can even be used as an additional camera of an existing surveillance system. Intercom also has a special night mode thanks to the IR diode, which is activated whenlow light intensity is detected. Solution of this kind allows to record high quality video even after dark. Recordings can be stored on an SD card or any NVR recorder and can be watched on laptop.

One device can manage access to two doors, gates or garage gates. FIBARO Intercom along with intelligent locks makes you forget about the keys to your house. Device allows you to open the door by means of a PIN code assigned to each user or via telephone which uses Bluetooth or dedicated FIBARO mobile app. Moreover, there is a possibility of remote access for guests. Intercom provides the ability to conduct video calls, on the basis of which, for example, we can let someone in to our house from the office via the FIBARO app. If no one in the household can answer the call, guests can record a video message for hosts. A built-in speaker and microphone with noise-canceling function ensure high sound quality. Intercom also has a proximity sensor so that it can illuminate itself when it detects movement, making it easier for guests to find a bell button at night. It is worth knowing that FIBARO Intercom can be connected both via WiFi and LAN.

Connecting the FIBARO Intercom to the Home Center Unit – although the device does not require it for proper operation – allows access to a wide options variety, including programming entire sequences of system behaviours, e.g. when the device detects movement, the space around the entrance can be automatically illuminated. When the user enters the PIN or brings the phone close to the device installed in the house, the system controller can disarm the alarm, open the lock of the front door and turn on the lights in the hallway. Among other things, it is possible to set up several devices within house to manage all the entrances in the building.

FIBARO Intercom has a designer form of a round, small disk with a glossy finish. This is another FIBARO solution combining unique design with the latest technology. The advantages of having FIBARO Intercom will be appreciated mainly by the owners of single-family houses, small offices and persons renting their houses.

Find more details about the company and its products at www.fibaro.com.

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