Few weeks ago, the pilot program was launched in five schools in Athens to showcase the benefits that come from a remote electrical devices management and light control in educational institutions. The project was handled by FIBARO Partner from Greece, Geyer who installed the FIBARO system.

According to the latest trends, not only houses, apartments and office buildings are equipped with intelligent home automation solutions. Each of the schools participating in this project has received the FIBARO Home Center Lite central unit and a total of 30 pieces of intelligent switches and outlets of FIBARO Walli line.

The use of FIBARO solutions will allow remote management of light and electrical devices in common areas and classrooms. Thanks to the Walli line it will also be possible to monitor electricity consumption, also during the so-called stand-by mode. In the long run, schools will have an access to aggregate data to be able to compare electricity costs in their facilities.

This project also shows the benefits of replacing traditional solutions with intelligent ones that not only facilitate everyday functioning, but lead to real savings in the budget. Ultimately, FIBARO solutions are expected to appear in other schools in Athens and more.