Today, we face the unexpected challenge of the new reality we have all found ourselves in. As the COVID-19 situation evolves rapidly, we have decided to act responsibly with respect towards our employees as well as the general public.

We believe that the best precaution is prevention and above all, we put people first when dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we have decided to adapt and modify the way we work.

Starting Monday [March, 23th] all of FIBARO employees, whose jobs allow them to do so, will be working from homes. Fortunately, Home Office has been used by most of us so far, so we are sure that it will have absolutely no negative impact on our activities. We have prepared everyone well and we are ready for it.

IMPORTANT! You don’t have to worry about any delays or shortages of FIBARO products. Our Factory will keep working as usual, it won’t stop. Our colleagues working in factory will be at place to make sure that the continuity of production is maintained. We take extraordinary measures to safeguard them and thank for their commitment and understanding.

We are not slowing down! All measures put in place allow us to fully do our jobs as well as possible. We’ll be there for you, just like we’ve always been – nothing changes. We stay in contact by phone, mail, chats, video conferences – it’s just that we won’t be able to meet face-to-face in the coming weeks.

Let’s be smart to limit the omnipresent threat. We will get through this together.

Stay safe, stay home and stay strong!