FIBARO Benelux introduces a new and unique approach for the development and support of the professional Smart Home installer channel. FIBARO Benelux cooperates with local Service Centers and various manufacturers.

The need for smart home applications is growing rapidly. In recent years, Smart Home was the domain of the “Early Adopters”, but now it has raised the interest of the mass market and there is a strong growing need for qualified Smart Home installers.

In today’s home, everything is about the (wireless) communication and seamless integration of electronic devices and products from different manufacturers. To ensure a complete and properly functioning Smart Home system, the compatibility of the chosen (smart) products as well as the knowledge level of the installer are the crucial factors for success.

The Smart Home Installer

For new Smart home installer installers it is most important to have a supplier who can advise, train and support them as well. This is the most valuable asset. Installing and maintaining a Smart Home requires more than just installing in the individual products. The right choice between the various products and finding a suitable business model are the key challenges.

That’s why FIBARO Benelux introduced the FIBARO Service Center’s as the next generation for technical wholesale. By collaborating with different manufacturers and suppliers, a total solution can be offered to the professional installer with the necessary support and service.

FIBARO Service Center

With the local Service Centers, FIBARO Benelux can provide a better service to the professional installer. Where practical knowledge and expertise is shared to the partner network of certified FIBARO installers.

The FIBARO Service Center is an important partner for the installer and offers a number of services in addition to proper commercial conditions. These include, a location for demonstrations, (on-the-job) technical support from a FIBARO Pro, direct RMA exchange and various training courses (commercial, certification and integration)”.

-said John de Regt, CEO FIBARO Benelux

Interested in starting a FIBARO Service Center Partnership in the Benelux or become a certified installer?

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