Many young companies make a mistake and neglect the importance of legal protection of their technologies and products. According to the report EUIPO, there are losses due to counterfeiting reaching an amount of PLN 261 billion annually and this is just the EU. But faked products aren’t the only threat. Companies can also jeopardise competition lawsuits. FIBARO is prepared for such a threat.

Protection of intellectual property is often left in the bakcground. However, thanks to its proper use, companies increase their chances of avoiding conflicts with potential competition and, above all, protect themselves from theft of their unique and successful ideas in the market. At the beginning in 2010, FIBARO has implemented sales strategies all over the world and has put great emphasis on the proper protection of its products. Currently, solutions created in Poznan are protected by more than 100 patents, copyright and registered trademarks in the EU, USA and Asia, in particular China.

The recent actions of Pinek IP LLC based in Texas are evidenced by the need for proper management of intellectual property protection. An American patent management company accused FIBARO of violating intellectual property. Pinek filed a lawsuit against FIBARO in connection with an alleged violation of a patent called “System and method of receiving a signal for triggering a pyroelectric system activation”. However, FIBARO has been taking care of the protection of intellectual property for years and pays particular importance to what solutions it offers on the market. The documentation and support provided by McAndrews administrative office resulted in withdrawing Pinek claims on 27 June without the possibility of further suing. Due to proper care and preparation, the company avoided significant risks to its existing business.

A well designed strategy for intellectual property protection is often neglected by start-ups. However, it is one of the key elements of the company’s know-how

— says Bartłomiej Arcichowski, Member of the Management Board of FIBARO.

If we present to the world a ground-breaking solutions without its protection and conducting research on patent purity, the years of development and product improvement can be lost within a couple of hours. Therefore,  we put stress on the protection of intellectual property, we train and sensitize our crew to adequately secure what we work on together

-adds Bartłomiej Arcichowski.

FIBARO’s efforts have also been seen in the second edition of the prestigious competition organised by the European Union’s Office. Intellectual Property EUIPO, an EU agency based in Alicante. FIBARO Intercom was nominated in the Industry category as one of the four industrial designs that reached the finals of the competition in 2018.

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