Cybercriminals are looking for more and more recent ways to takeover and use the latest available tools to gain the control of our devices, phones and data. Therefore, FIBARO system is constantly developed and updated including continuous work on improvement of security.  As a result of cooperation with ESET up from 2018, potentially vulnerable security flaws of the smart home system were noticed by ESET experts and fixed by FIBARO immediately. FIBARO system was updated both the software of the devices as well as cloud environment in order to increase security in areas developed together with ESET.

Importance of cybersecurity

There is no doubt that mobile devices and computers make life extremely easy to us. Using tech turned into a command center or even a personal assistant. They are present in most of our daily task, speed up our work or even do things for us and help in current situation of global lockdown caused by Covid-19. However, because there is so much information and extremely personal apps, including banking or social media, it is crucial to protect devices from cybercriminals. FIBARO experts understand how important the issue of safety is. Therefore, they are constantly working to ensure the highest data security level. For these reasons, FIBARO cooperates with the largest providers of digital security.

Working with ESET

FIBARO is extremely committed to develop proper safety of our customers data. We are constantly working to ensure the highest possible security level of our smart home system and take down of hacking attacks.

— says Krzysztof Banasiak, Chief Technology Officer FIBARO.

This is why we value the knowledge of ESET which is why we decided to cooperate with their team from the very beginning. External audits conducted by teams specializing in system security allow to identify even the smallest security flaws. What is worth to add, that our experts are constantly working on security of FIBARO devices to increase its safety and performances.  Lets keep in our minds that the Internet of Things infrastructure is a complex system that needs to operate smoothly across multiple layers of communication while maintaining the convenience of use. Therefore, working and developing securing improvements to FIBARO System is a continuous process to which we gather the best experts. Therefore, we put a lot of our effort to provide the best security solutions in our smart home hubs – Home Center 2, Home Center Lite and in the biggest range in Home Center 3 which has its premiere at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

— adds Krzysztof Banasiak.

How to maximize your safety?

User safety is a must have to any IT company. To make sure that everyone keeps safety standards we have listed some useful tips on how to increase safety and resistance of your devices and system to hacker attacks.

1. Use variety of long and difficult passwords for different services. Do not use the same password with different accounts.

2. Do not share passwords and login details to anyone.

3. Do not share serial numbers of devices to anyone.

4. Do not leave your smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet and other devices unlocked when you are away from it.

5. Do not visit links in emails from unknown sources.

6. Don’t visit any suspicious, often sensational links on social media or even in messages from friends — they can be sent by a hacker or botnets.

7. Check carefully the addresses of the emails you receive. Scammers are getting better and better in impersonating credible senders.

8. Update your devices according to the recommendations of service providers.

9. Check the information on the websites of service providers and manufacturers. They often report data hacking attempts.

10. Use a high-end security router and keep up-to-date all the software working on it including all devices connected to the network or with any means of communication, such as Bluetooth.