We are excited to announce our new partnership with Yale. At 183 years strong, Yale is a leading security brand that protects the people, places and things we love most. They secure millions of homes and businesses worldwide with our innovative mechanical locks, alarms, safes and smart locks for front doors, interior doors, cabinets and more. Yale is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the global leader in access solutions.

Enjoy the benefits of keyless access

FIBARO users can now manage and control their Yale Smart Locks directly from the Yubii app. With this new integration, one can easily lock and unlock the Yale Smart Lock such as the Linus® Smart Lock, as well as check on the door and battery status within the app.

In addition, as part of your FIBARO system, you can now automatically “disarm” your alarm system the moment you unlock your door, and also “arm” the system the second the door is locked using your Yale Smart Lock. In the Yubii app, you can set up your system so all your smart locks are grouped, allowing you to centrally lock/unlock them all at once when needed or under certain conditions. For example, this group lock feature can be used to easily set all of the smart locks in your house to lock/unlock at a defined time or unlock in case of an emergency.

Linus® will bring convenient keyless access to the FIBARO ecosystem, allowing you to grant secure home access to your friends, family, and any people you trust, such as service providers like cleaners, maintenance workers, and delivery people, even when you are away from home. To gain the benefits of keyless access within your FIBARO smart home system, you can check who is at the door using your video doorbell or IP camera, then instantly grant them access using the Yubii app on your phone or unlock your smart lock.

Fear of being locked out is one of the biggest reasons consumers have noted when explaining their reluctance to invest in a smart lock. However, the fear of being locked out of your home or the device dying is now a thing of the past as you will receive real-time notifications from the Yubii app sent directly to your phone when your lock is unavailable, or its batteries are low.

Experience the ease of smart home automation

Love the idea of smart home automation but are unsure of how to set it up or how it works? Well, smart home automation in the FIBARO system will be made easier with the help of scenarios. Within the Yubii app, you can create scenarios that will group various devices like alarms, lights, blinds, gates, garage doors, heating, and HVAC systems. You can then set up simultaneous actions using your Yale smart lock as a trigger when it changes status (locked/unlocked). For example, you could set your lights and HVAC to switch off the moment your door is locked using a Yale smart lock, to help you reduce your energy waste and run your home more smoothly.

FIBARO and the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem

The partnership is not just exclusive to Yale smart locks, it extends to other Yale smart devices within the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem as well! Devices such as the Yale Smart Safe and the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock, can all be controlled by using the Yubii app.

Integrations with Yale Smart Storage products in particular will be incredibly useful if you manage rental properties. You will be able to provide your guests with smarter access to any cash, jewellery, or important documents such as passports or ID cards that are stored in your property’s smart safe. The smart cabinet lock can also allow you to lock away any personal belongings, cleaning products, or equipment from guests and protect areas so they can’t be accessed by the general public. All of this can now be made possible as part of the FIBARO system.

This exciting new FIBARO and Yale integration is now available in five countries across Europe – Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.