Due to the extremely fast development of the COVID-19 pandemic FIBARO decided to immediately take responsible action for the sake of our employees, professionals and the entire global community. We put all our effort to prepare the tools that will transfer our trainings activities to the online world. To maintain the current high quality and frequency of training, our work has been focused on the preparation and delivery of relevant content to everybody involved and interested in online trainings and webinars.

Make your installer trainings online!

FIBARO has prepared online trainings and webinars dedicated to FIBARO Distributors, certified and new Installers and for all Professionals.

We knew that situation with the pandemic will affect on everybody work and life and will make trainings more difficult, hence at the very beginning of the lockdown FIBARO sent communication to all Partners with strong recommendation to go online. It will become a real chance to keep in touch with its installers and to build the know-how during staying at home. To make it more easier and affordable we have prepared specific guidelines to follow. Moreover, FIBARO Head of Training, was (and still is) ready to help with any technical questions and best practices to properly perform an online trainings.

First online trainings for new installers took place at the end of March and was carried out by a partner from Germany. Shortly thereafter, trainings for installers were conducted in Poland and US. Therefore first online certificates were handed to its participants. Trainings for new installers via online channels proved to be successful and will be further developed.

#Stayhome and develop your skills with FIBARO „Tutorial videos” for installers

In FIBARO, we focus on offering the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge of our existing Installers, due to at FIBARO Academy platform the “Tutorial videos” course has been created and will be weekly equipped with many useful tips regarding our devices. That will help our professionals deliver better smart home solutions to the end-users and is an excellent tool to refresh the knowledge and stay updated.

To help all installers to understand more and take the benefits from FIBARO smart home system the set of 19 video tutorials and 14 video use cases were developed and shared with our professionals. In this materials our expert explains e.g. each device’s functions and presents the best practices and methods that boost smart home FIBARO performances. All the videos are available at FIBARO Academy. All use cases you can still watch at our YouTube channel.

All of our online trainings and webinars were promoted at FIBARO’ social media accounts.

Be #HomoSmartus – let us surprise you by smart solutions from FIBARO

In our daily activities we strive to inspire people among us to get to know them more about smart home. There is a lot to explain and there is no doubt that the IoT world is still changing, therefore transfer of our experts into the online world seemed to be a natural step. In April FIBARO has started two types of online meetings, first of that dedicated to FIBARO’ employees and the second one focused on every people smart-oriented (customers, installers, distributors etc.). Every two weeks open online webinars will be conducted on our FIBARO brand YouTube channel. During those approximately-one-hour meetings FIBARO’ experts will explain what a real smart home is, how does it work, how does it help in daily activities and many more. Every meeting have a time space to ask a question by its participants which brings a better engagement and makes FIBARO brand closer to the audience. What is crucial to underline – our webinars will not disappear, it will stay on our YouTube channel that everybody will take an advantage of it – any time and any place.

#SmartWorking at FIBARO during lockdown – we change the way we work, but we are not slowing down!

At FIBARO, we believe that these difficult times and unprecedented circumstances of lockdown will allow us to come out stronger with different approach not only to our business but to the whole world. We are not slowing down! All measures put in place allow us to fully do our jobs as well as possible. We’ll be there for everybody interested in smart home world, just like we’ve always been.