The Home Center App for smart home management developed by FIBARO has received system updates since its launch. A set of the latest features included in 1.10 app update will be available to everyone using beta version of the app. Along with the next version, the changes will be released as an app update in the official channel.

What’s new in FIBARO Home Center 1.10 (for Android and iOS):

The new update will bring you the ability to use FIBARO in horizontal view on Android tablets and iPad. Click to zoom the picture.

Room Mode – app becomes limited to selected rooms. The user has the ability to preview and control only devices assigned to a given room. View customization is performed in the app settings.

Thermostats support — the update brings control of all thermostats available on FIBARO Home Center 3 e.g. FIBARO Heat Controller, Danfoss Valve, MCO Home, Heat IT.

Devices detail view – Smart devices with a detail view (including user-created Quick App integrations and virtual devices) are from now on specifically marked in the list of devices.

Previous updates implemented since the app launch in 2019 have contributed, among others, creating heating zones, code/biometric app lock, triggered alarms log, widgets and watch availability, full-screen camera preview, user’s favorite features/devices or zones preview on the smartphone screen or the Nice BiDi and Nice Mono support. The FIBARO team is also constantly working on other minor improvements and application stability.

Due to the important features within this version, we would like to hear your feedback before it is released. The beta version of the application is available for download, for all interested, in respective beta channels:

How to participate in open beta on Android check here

Download the app on Android

Do you want to know how to participate in open beta on iOS please click here

Please submit your feedback using this form

The app continues to support Home Center 2 and most of the new features applies to both FIBARO Home Center 3 and Home Center Lite. Don’t waste your time and download FIBARO Home Center App from the App Store and Google Play.