Polish-manufacured system providing the main smart home platform for Nice group

Next week, FIBARO will appear at the world’s largest consumer electronics fair CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Since 2018, FIBARO has been part of the Nice group and together with abode will be sharing one booth. The “made in Poland” system is to become a smart home management platform for Nice and FIBARO products.

FIBARO as a key platform for FIBARO and Nice products

According to FIBARO, the most reliable companies are those who are able to offer customers the most comprehensive solutions and minimize the number of installed apps. Normally, each device requires a separate app which is not a convenient way to manage a set of hardware.

Since the beginning of FIBARO’s existence, all solutions have been designed to provide users with unique experience,”

-says Adam Krużyński, CEO of FIBARO.

We keep up to work with the same idea of integrating solutions between Nice group companies. The goal is to create a complex product portfolio of the group that works together and is easy and convenient for any type of user. The group will surely benefit of it and so will the end-users.

-adds Adam Krużyński.

18 months since joining the Nice group

As part of the Nice Group, FIBARO has become beneficiary of the new development network that Nice has created in more than 100 markets. To be more specific, the network generates more than 91% of group’s income abroad. In 2018, they reached EUR 368.2 million. First 18 months of collaboration have set out a main idea for integrating FIBARO and Nice devices within FIBARO smart home system. Mentioned solutions are to allow for so-called retro-fit where the products are connected to the environment of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Group means serious power

FIBARO, Nice and abode will present their smart solutions at CES 2020 within one booth. Joint presentation on the event means that the companies will present the complementarity of the most advanced and complete range of smart home devices ready to be used by customers in their homes. The know-how of the companies is complemented by giving the user a complete, consistent smart home system, managed in a convenient and intuitive way.

FIBARO innovations and solutions will be presented at booth 40724, Sands Expo, level 2, halls A-D during CES 2020 event.

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