The gateway is a key element of the smart home system. This is the core of the automation system, which ensures that all devices work as we need them. The new FIBARO gateway is the most powerful device on the market. It got really fast, much safer and comprehensive than the previous version. From now on it supports not only the Z-Wave protocol but also the most popular including Nice, ZigBee and Wi-Fi protocols. The all-inclusive Home Center 3 power comes from efficient and high quality components that will make it perform at its tops for years. Approach of this kind makes the FIBARO production plant work and develop hardware in accordance to minimizing the carbon footprint philosophy.

One piece to do it all

Home Center 3 smart home gateway contains management center running FIBARO devices in combination with hardware based on Z-Wave protocol or even a 100 of Nice devices. If this is not enough, it is ZigBee-ready as well, so users can integrate with hardware using this protocol as a standard. Powerful components and chips are designed to introduce software updates enabling new features. Ethernet port and Wi-Fi gave the Gateway a network connection diversity and a broader range than ever before so it can be placed anywhere around the house. From now on, we are talking about the most advanced smart home gateway on the market, which is ready for further features development. Home Center 3 is a turning point for the entire smart home environment.

Rich interior is not enough

Having a complete market awareness, transformed the Home Center 3 gateway into an absolutely best aesthetic experience. Once again, it’s not just about appearance, but also about the feel. Elegant shape of the Home Center 3 is a result of a selection of colors, a harmonious play of black and copper. The casing is covered with a soft touch technology that does not leave fingerprints on the surface. Subtle design lets the device stand literally anywhere because it won’t interfere with the surroundings. It means that the gateway can stand next to other equipment and fit the current interior design.

Enjoy the a look of Home Center 3:

10 years of smart home automation experience

Developing new devices means a lot to FIBARO – user experience lets us deliver features that are really desired by the customers nowadays. Recently, the gateway has been developed in accordance with the 10 years market experience including suggestions of the power users, smart home installers and a business developers from around the world. The results are clear, the device has now a built-in antennas optimally configured to extend the range, it does not require a wired connection to the router – Wi-Fi makes it much easier, intuitive system setup wizard facilitates the smart home beginnings for users, the development process for installers and is set to enable more of the extremely useful features.

Just as every single FIBARO device, the brand new Home Center 3 has to handle intensive development, continuous progress and growing demands of electronics and users. It makes it a long-lasting gateway that will tackle vast majority of the industry changes. Idea of this kind is to lower customers issues and reduces the carbon footprint to a minimum. Like many smart devices introduced to the market by renowned manufacturers, FIBARO will support users of Home Center 3 with standardized updates that will bring relevance and compatibility to new integrations introduced to the system and will eliminate crashing occuring in low-quality devices, as well as hardware aging finally followed by a device replacement.

Security and stability

Smart home security and stability was always a top concern to FIBARO. Therefore, the company started cooperation with world security leaders such as Kaspersky to provide first-class protection against growing hacking activities targeted at smart homes. Encrypted data transfer is a first mean of protection to both local and external connections. By using reasonable, high-quality components the device can operate locally without Internet and cloud access and provide key functionality at home . Therefore, there is no risk of having the alarm system deactivated in case of no Internet connection just beacuse the provider runs some maintanance works.

Security comes from a dual system backup in the device and the cloud, a daemon that monitors the health of the system and a 4-core processor or 2 GB of memory. This smart home gateway is significantly faster and performs multiple tasks in no time when comparing it with other devices on the market. During entire development process, the perfect hardware & software synergy was the main target. Extensive tests of components and high-performance software let us to reach unprecedented speed results while maintaining the stability and predictability of the system.

Home Center 3 received the certificate of VDE, an independent research unit guaranteeing electrical safety: CB Certificate and EU-Type Examination Certificate.

Approved for beginners and experts

Gateway provides an intuitive set up process that guides the user through a step by step system installation. Installation wizard includes core automation parameters and a set of resourceful features solving the most exalted needs of users (automation scenarios). This is the easiest way to create a FIBARO smart home automation. More experienced users and experts will appreciate the hundreds of key features they have helped to create by sharing their own experience with FIBARO experts, including the ability to customize automations with tools such as block scenes, LUA events, or Quick Apps. Only sky is the limit when having such wide possibilities within one complete smart home system.

Specyfikacja techniczna FIBARO Home Center 3

Processor Quad-core Arm Cortex A53 (1.2GHz)
HDD 8 Gb
Power supply 12V DC
Dimensions 220 x 140 x 35 mm
Protocol The range of radio frequencies
Z-Wave (500) 868.0-868.6MHz 869.7-870.0MHz
433 Mhz (OOK, FSK, GFSK) 433.54-433.92Mhz
868 Mhz (OOK, FSK, GFSK) 868.3-868.94MHz
ZigBee 2405-2480MHz
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/a/ac) 2400-2483MHz 5150-5350MHz
Bluetooth Low Energy 2402-2480MHz

The premiere of the new device FIBARO Home Center 3 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company. This is a perfect opportunity to launch the most advanced piece of equipment of this type and present it to the market. Revolutionary hardware capabilities with UX (user experience) designing process – all within one device. The device was created in close collaboration with FIBARO users and installers, responding to their needs and providing opportunities to create a smart home system and make it ready for future technologies. A lot of attention was paid to the intuitive and simple BUI interface, available in 10 languages such as Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish or Italian), which will be appreciated by the FIBARO system installers around the world.


Meet a true game-changer of smart home market


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