The devices of the Fibaro Intelligent Home System have been included in the offer of Zain Kuwait, one of the largest telecom operators in Kuwait. Since September, FIBARO devices have been available for customers in Kuwait. This is another market in the region, after the United Arab Emirates, on which FIBARO enters in cooperation with a telecommunications company.

After launching its products on the Japanese market, FIBARO offers its Smart Home devices in Kuwait. Distribution is possible thanks to cooperation with Zain Kuwait, a company that has been providing telecommunications services on that market since 1983.

„It is a great honour for us that we have been invited to cooperate with Zain Kuwait. Cooperation with one of the biggest players in such a demanding market as Kuwait gives us great opportunities. This is a chance for us to enter a very promising market. This company provides its services to 2.7 million customers”

– said Krzysztof Banasiak, Board Member of Fibar Group S.A.

The devices are offered in the Zain Online online store and nearly 20 points of sale. FIBARO products have joined the Zain Life offer. It is a specially composed ecosystem of Smart Home devices based on the Z-Wave protocol, specially prepared for telecom customers.

The devices that will be introduced on the Kuwait market are:

FIBARO Wall Plug – intelligent power socket adapter with the function of remote switching off the connected device. The FIBARO Wall Plug allows you to control power consumption and will inform you when a connected device e.g. a refrigerator, suddenly stops consuming electricity. The design of the device prevents the danger of an electric shock.

FIBARO Motion Sensor – wiring-free motion, light intensity and temperature sensor that does not require external power supply. Small size and unique design inspired by nature make the device blend perfectly into the environment. With the FIBARO Motion Sensor you will quickly receive information e.g. on your smartphone, that any movement in your home is detected while you are away.

FIBARO Door/Window Sensor a small, wireless proximity sensor, which sends information to the user about doors or windows left opened. It is also equipped with a temperature sensor. Its dimensions allow to mount it on doors and windows in such a way that it is literally invisible. The devie also registers when someone tries to disassemble it, which significantly increases the safety of the household members.

FIBARO Home Center Lite a small home center enabling complete management of FIBARO devices from the mobile application level. Thanks to the use of this equipment, you can conveniently control your apartment with the voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assisstant, Apple Siri or via the popular Facebook messenger. The control panel is tailored to individual customer needs and is compatible with the majority of multimedia products from other manufacturers such as smart TV, monitoring cameras, thermostatic heads, alarm systems or even multimedia players. With a simple interface, Home Center Lite users can simply manage their smart home remotely.

FIBARO The Button – a smart panic button with which you can turn on or off any device within the FIBARO System with a single click. The Button can be placed anywhere, either by permanently attaching it or changing its position. Moreover, the battery power supply makes the device wireless – the installation process does not require any wiring at all. The Button can recognize up to 6 different actions. With a single click you can e.g. turn off the TV, turn on the ventilation with two clicks and, while holding down, change the light intensity. One of the greatest features is that the Button can be programmed in such a way as to protect the entire smart home. By hitting button once you turn off the light, turn off the home appliances and cover the roller blinds simultaneously.

FIBARO KeyFob –a miniature remote control that allows you to control your entire smart home system. The FIBARO KeyFob has been designed with attention to the smallest detail. Ergonomic and compact design makes it ideal for the hand and pocket, while the convex buttons of various shapes allow its intuitive operation. Each button of the device responds to one, two or three clicks and hold down. This makes it possible to trigger twenty-four actions or scenes. Additional 6 two-to-five button sequences can be programmed to handle secret actions. Control lighting, audio equipment, manage temperature, close shutters and gates with FIBARO KeyFob. The mobility and portability of the device provides comfort and freedom to control entire complex smart home environment.

FIBARO CO Sensor – certified, miniature carbon monoxide detector with excellent sensitivity. It detects even minimal changes in the level of carbon monoxide, which during the heating period poses a serious threat to the health and life of the household members.
The device cooperates with other elements of smart home environment, creating an active security structure. FIBARO CO Sensor – carbon monoxide detector – will immediately notify the threat by sending information to the user’s smartphone, right after detecting a threat. Flagship carbon monoxide detector works even when not connected to the entire smart home system. It’s can act as a standalone device too. Built-in FIBARO CO Sensor alarm system keeps an eye to any carbon monoxide danger and notifies the household members of it via sound and light signal.

FIBARO Smoke Sensor –small smoke detector and fire alarm in one. FIBARO Smoke Sensor has been designed in Z-Wave technology, which guarantees the top level functioning. When the sensor detects a threat, it is connected to the main control panel of the system so that it can automatically trigger an alarm scenario and residents will be notified via their mobile devices. Regardless of whether the sensor is armed or not, it continuously collects information about smoke level and temperature in the house. Thanks to the continuous analysis, aggregated data record every anomaly, even the smallest one.

FIBARO Relay Switch –miniature module designed for remote control of electrical devices. The FIBARO Relay Switch allows you to switch on and off home appliances such as lighting or electricity in sockets. It’s size makes the device fit almost all flush-mounted sockets at electrical outlets. Thanks to the connection with the FIBARO Home Center, the energy consumption of the devices connected to the modules is constantly monitored, so that users can control power consumption, plan the operation of the devices, remotely switch them on and off and thus save money.