During Securex fair, FIBARO announced the introduction of a device that will allow for easy control of wired surveillance and measurement systems. What’s more, the product will be able to revive older electronic devices – it will enable remote on/off switching and a simple control.

On 23rd April, FIBARO announced the launch of its new UBS 2 device. It is a solution addressed mainly to professional smart home installers. The main task of UBS 2 is to facilitate remote management of wired installations. In practice, this means that the user can, for example, control the home surveillance system, the stove or read out the status of the humidity sensors from the telephone.

The new solution is also addressed to electronics enthusiasts and retro hardware collectors. UBS 2 allows remote control of older electronic appliances – it gives the possibility of reviving e.g. an old amp or hi-fi system.

The first version of UBS was a solution dedicated mainly to installers who used this product for specialized solutions. UBS 2 is aimed at fans of new technologies and DIY who would like to revive their older devices and use them within IoT world. By combining our solution with an old AV receiver, you can transfer your favorite audio system to your phone and manage it.

– says Krzysztof Banasiak, vice-chairman of FIBARO.

universal binary sensor

UBS 2 is able to control devices with two potential-free outputs and to read the status of binary sensors (transmitting information in zero-one mode) or operating in 0-10V mode. The device itself is compact and, unlike its predecessor, has a casing. What is more, it enables temperature measurement from 6 external sensors and has special protection against effects of bad installation.

Release of UBS 2 is scheduled for Q3 2018. Price of the product will be the same as for the previous version of the device.

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