The heating period in our climate lasts even half a year, and in the autumn-winter period we usually hear about dangerous events related to carbon monoxide. In FIBARO we have a solution for avoiding an “silent killer” attack.

Statistics do not lie, in Poland the most popular method to heat a house are still a traditional coal stoves (43% of households) and those that burn biofuels such as wood, pellets and ecopea (28% of households). It is an efficient and cheap, but quite dangerous way of heating houses. Frequent maintenance of furnaces is an obligation imposed by the legislator – solid fuel furnaces should be cleaned 4 times a year. Public information, such as the KGPSP shows that during the last heating period, from October 2017 to the end of March 2018, 4343 events related to carbon monoxide were recorded. As a result of the carbon monoxide poisoning, 2695 people were injured and 71 died.

Since the very beginning of its existence, FIBARO has been making sure that our houses are comfortable, friendly and, above all, safe. Unique carbon monoxide detector – CO Sensor – developed by FIBARO, is designed to protect people’s lives and health from the invisible danger, namely carbon monoxide. Compared to devices available on the market, our product is characterized by exceptional precision of measurement.

We are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer of life and health protection devices. We make every effort to ensure that our smart home products meet the highest standards. The carbon monoxide detector is a life-saving device, which is why tests confirming compliance with the EN 50291-1:2010 standard are conducted in an accredited testing laboratory of the BSI Group. Each sensor is subject to a programme of continuous monitoring, which includes routine product testing and monitoring of the quality assurance process in order to meet rigorous requirements. Moreover, in order to make the CO sensor act properly, it has to be installed in a visible place, at a height of about 1.5 meters. For this reason, design was an important aspect while developing the shape of CO Sensor. Like all elements of the FIBARO System, it has a unique organic design that makes it a very attractive piece of equipment.

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What’s even more important, the carbon monoxide detector from FIBARO can operate as a stand-alone device. Even though it won’t have the features provided by the FIBARO Smart Home System, it will remain a precise and effective carbon monoxide detector. It will alert residents of the detected threat with its strong acoustic signal, flashing LEDs, and send a notification to the indicated mobile device. The first minutes are always crucial and are a matter of life or death. When connected to the smart home system, after detecting the alarming level of gas concentration, it can automatically initiate the process of ventilating the apartment by raising the blinds and opening the windows.

Unfortunately, for some incomprehensible reason there is a rumour that we can feel it. Nothing could be more wrong. Carbon monoxide has no smell or colour. No human being is capable to detect it. Our sudden mood can be like a cold, fatigue, headache or general weakness. Then we usually lie down for a moment of rest. Unfortunately, that is the worst thing we can do then. We won’t find out for ourselves that we fell victim to a “silent killer”. For this reason, carbon monoxide detector should be a part of every home.

FIBARO participates in educational activities conducted by the State Fire Service. At the beginning of October, the Headquarters of the State Fire Service initiated the action “Sensors to detect danger and save your life”. It is a nationwide education and information campaign on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in flats and detached houses. The action is addressed to children, teenagers and seniors, which turns out to be a great idea. Education of the youngest is a solid investment for the future because young people in conversations with their parents and grandparents willingly share the acquired knowledge.

One of the most important elements of the State Fire Service campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits of installing and operating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Unfortunately, few owners or managers of buildings remember about the obligation to periodically inspect and clean chimney ducts. As a reminder: according to the regulation, this should be done four times a year.

Installation of the FIBARO CO Sensor is very easy. Everyone will certainly be able to cope with it. Of course, FIBARO customers can use a hand of a trained installers, who will install CO Sensor in the right place at the right height. Remember that choosing the right carbon monoxide detector is a key issue in terms of effective protection against “silent killers”. Select only certified devices, such as the CO Sensor from FIBARO.

A carbon monoxide sensor given to your loved ones is an excellent idea to show our care for our family, neighbors, and perhaps older, lonely people living in our area unaware of the dangers of this invisible and deadly gas.