During the 2019 IFA Berlin, FIBARO representatives will receive the VDE certificate for the FIBARO Walli sockets and outlets. VDE is an independent confirmation of the highest safety of the products made by the company from Poznań. Moreover, it also means a prestigious product position within DACH countries and opens further possibilities to obtain certificates in other regions of the world.

Safety as the way to market advantage

FIBARO aims to deliver maximum safety to its smart home discoveries and the system as well. It is several years since the safety trend is developed and implemented into all smart home products. Walli smart outlets and sockets presented at CES in Las Vegas, Budma in Poznań, MWC in Barcelona have been awarded for maintainnig high quality standards and strict safety requirements verified by global research and certification institutes.

One of the most important of it is VDE which carries out extremely minute audits. Obtaining a VDE certificate means confirming the highest quality of the product and opening the door to the German smart device market of approximate value of billions euros.

The VDE certification of the Walli product line is the culmination of the work of FIBARO engineers and designers. We are proud that our devices have received confirmation of their quality from one of the most thorough and rigorous institutes.

-says Tomasz Jankowski, Product Director FIBARO

Obtaining the certificate will allow intensive sales activities on the DACH market

-adds Jankowski.

A complete line of outlets and switches

FIBARO Walli is a line of unique smart and classic outlets and switches that maintains style consistency throughout your entire home and provide key smart home features. Remote control of lighting, shutters, evacuation route illumination, light indication about energy consumption or other events such as the arrival ordered ride via mobile app (Uber, Lyft etc.). Wygląd gniazd i włączników FIBARO Walli jest inspirowany perłą otoczoną ledową obręczą, której kolor można dostosowywać do własnych preferencji. Ponadto urządzenia te pozwalają na zastosowanie szeregu automatyzacji, które pomogą zmniejszyć zużycie energii, a tym samym wysokość rachunków.

The certified products:

• Walli Double Switch – FGWTSEU-221
• Walli Roller Shutter – FGWREU-111
• Walli Dimmer – FGWDEU-111
• Walli Outlet – FGWOF-011
• Walli Outlet (French version) – FGWOE-011

Entire Walli product line were presented at IFA Technology Fair in Berlin at the VDE Institute stand as this year certified innovation. Hall 26, booth 204.