This year, Nice Poland is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and over the years, it has been closely associated with sports, particularly with speedway racing. In collaboration with FIBARO, which joined the Nice group’s ranks in 2018, they have worked together to prepare a joint advertising campaign for the first time.

In connection with the signed contract with the Speedway Ekstraliga, from April to November of 2021, nSport+ HD and the Eleven Sports channels will broadcast 30-second advertising spots. Each spot tells a separate story, but despite the differences in their protagonists, generations, and user’s needs and priorities, the stories share one thing: Nice and FIBARO products. The building automation system and intelligent homes respond to users’ diverse needs, offering unlimited possibilities, which can be seen in the prepared materials.

Let the smart home system take care of you

A smart home has long ceased to be an interesting gadget. The produced spots show a system that makes life easier for residents, allowing you to control roller shutters, awnings, multimedia, lights, and take care of the security of your home. Thanks to their sleek design, the presented devices fit perfectly into your surroundings, and most importantly – they fulfill their function – they take care of the household members.

Advertising spots will be broadcast at every pre-match magazine and at every live broadcast of the PGE Ekstraliga match.

The cooperation between Nice and FIBARO is becoming more and more frequent

This year’s advertising campaign is not the first time both brands joined forces and worked together. In 2020, in Las Vegas, Nice and FIBARO organised a joint stand at the world’s largest consumer electronics and new technology fair – CES 2020. Visitors to this interactive stand could get familiar with the latest products and technological solutions, experiencing various intelligent home scenarios. The premiere was then a new FIBARO Home Center 3 control panel, compatible with over 2,000 third-party products operating in multiple technologies, including automation products for Nice gates.

Nice Poland and FIBARO both belong to the international leader in the sector of Home Automation, Smart Home and Home Security – the Italian Nice group. Both companies in Poland are managed by Adam Krużyński, acting as the Managing Director in Nice Poland and the President of the Management Board of Fibar Group. As a result, both companies’ activities are fully integrated and allow them to utilise their market potential to the fullest.

The cooperation between the two companies gives users a wide range of benefits when choosing the intelligent home system. The compatibility of both brands’ products increases its functionality, which gives the Nice group a clear market advantage amongst its competition.

The Nice group constantly meets its users’ expectations and creates unique opportunities for the development of home automation and innovative systems. Controlling gates, roller shutters, awnings, lighting, heating, security control or controlling other devices at home has never been so easy and convenient. These are just some of the possibilities offered by Nice and FIBARO solutions!