Yubii Home, experience the benefits coming from the hearth of your Smart Home.The premiere of a new gateway that provides comfort and security for your whole family.

Strength in a group – explore the Yubii ecosystem

Yubii Home is the gateway that manages the FIBARO smart home and products that are part of the Yubii ecosystem, such as devices from Nice, FIBARO, third-party brands, and elero – a German brand associated with Nice.

Yubii Home is the first control panel combining Nice and FIBARO technologies, but that’s not all to it. Thanks to its compatibility with Z-Wave and WiFi protocols, it can integrate with 3000 devices from other companies operating in the Z-Wave standard. The control panel will be perfect, e.g., smaller houses or apartments (up to 100 m2) and installations with up to 40 devices and 20 scenarios. Yubii Home allows its user to efficiently manage the entire intelligent home system also with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants.

Let us make your life easier

Yubii Home is a gateway that fully encompasses the idea of a smart home. It manages all the elements of a home’s automation and communicates with them – receives data from sensors, processes them, and transmits messages to perform appropriate actions. It enables the integrated management of lighting, roller shutters, gates, doors and windows, electrical appliances, multimedia, heating, temperature, irrigation systems, monitors water leaks, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection.

Automatic scenarios, remote control, and voice control over all intelligent devices will make everyday activities even more effortless. With Yubii Home, you can program the lights to turn on in the morning, open the garage door to let your dog out in the yard, create the perfect atmosphere to prepare your favorite dish, or just spend a relaxing evening with Netflix by programming the appropriate lighting scenarios. The use of Yubii Home guarantees that you will be in an intelligent, comfortable, and friendly environment from dawn to night.

An intelligent home for years, with safety at its forefront

The strengths of Yubii Home are not only its design, comfort, and easy implementation for everyday activities, but above all, sustainable development, savings, and your well-being. Following the company’s strategy, one of the goals of Yubii Home is to minimize the negative impact of our homes on the environment through intelligent control of heating and lighting, and monitoring of electricity consumption. Those small everyday gestures can have a significant impact on the well-being of our entire planet.

Well-being is just as important, and with the ability to connect humidity control systems, intelligent heating, air quality measurement, carbon monoxide detection, and notification of hazardous situations, Yubii Home will provide the right conditions and safety for your whole family at any given time.

The security and stability of the intelligent home system are a vital issue for Nice. Protection against hackers is achieved by implementing data encrypting transmissions (both in local and external connections). The simultaneous use of high-quality components allows the control panel to operate only locally, and in the absence of access to the cloud, ensures key home functionalities. Therefore, there is no risk that the system will stop working when the network operator decides to disconnect the Internet, for example, to perform connection maintenance. During the phases of a home’s development process where the customer does not yet have access to a WiFi network, specified automation will work (e.g., motion detection, flooding, lowering roller shutters, turning on / off lights, etc.). When the system is connected to the internet, the customer can manage the smart homes features from anywhere in the world.

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Manage the Yubii ecosystem straight from the app

Intelligent home management can be achieved thanks to popular voice assistants, remote controls, gestures, and directly through the application – Yubii App, which will replace the FIBARO Home Center application.

The Yubii App is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It’s as simple as typing in the phrases “Yubii App,” “Yubii Home Center,” or “FIBARO,” and the user will be able to download the new application. The functionalities of the new application coincide with the capabilities of the withdrawn FIBARO Home Center, the latest of which are:

  1. New favourite sections::
    1.  Alarm zones, cameras, lights, blinds and heating view – zones and thermostates
    2.  Possibility to set the number or lines in favourite sections
    3.  Possibility to hide favorite sections
    4.  Change in the way of displaying home summary and new summary elements
  2. Summary for your favorite rooms and home
  3. Wall-mounted mode
  4. Acceleration of connection with gateway

The new Yubii App supports Yubii Home exchanges and other FIBARO exchanges.

We encourage you to download the FIBARO Home Center App from the App Store and Google Play.

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