The Polish-based company, one of the leader in the Smart Home industry has launched the FIBARO Compatibility Internet platform. It allows users of the FIBARO System and installers to create an even more extensive and complementary system with the use of devices of other manufacturers.

FIBARO Compatibility is a convenient Internet platform, where you can find a list of devices compatible with the FIBARO smart home system. Preparation of a list of supported devices is a tribute to those who think about a smart home in a comprehensive way, want to compose their own system and try to expand it with products of other brands, which are supported by FIBARO and can be easily added to the smart home system.

Thanks to this solution, all interested parties can easily check whether the equipment they already have will work with those they plan to purchase. It is also a great tool for those who start their adventure with smart home and want to design their system from scratch. FIBARO Compatibility is a kind of guide to the Internet of things in the smart home segment.

– explains Krzysztof Banasiak, Member of the Board at FIBARO

FIBARO Compatibility – a tribute towards other smart home manufacturers

So far, the FIBARO Compatibility database contains 1286 devices of 266 brands from all over the world, and their number is still growing. Such a complete list allows to find almost every type of device, which may be of interest to the inhabitant of an smart home. The platform has been equipped with special filters, which will allow you to quickly find the items you are interested in: device type, brand, communication standard and compatibility level. Thanks to the use of such filters, we will be able to check whether, for example, the door control unit can be connected to the FIBARO Home Center without facing any obstacles.  Compatibility list is also an excellent solution for installers and architects, who, at the planning level, can compose the right system for the customer, while ensuring that the entire environment will function well.

A platform open to users

FIBARO Compatibility is also a space where users can contact FIBARO in order to complete the list and report possible errors and irregularities. For this purpose, our team had created a dedicated email address:

Idea of the web service creators was to deliver a comprehensive web tool to customers from all over the world. Hence, the online service is available in English. Ultimately, it is planned to launch the platform in other languages as well.

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