FIBARO has recently launched the first smart home app that allows remote servicing and maintenance of the system by certified installers. This is a big step forward in terms of operation and user-friendliness of the FIBARO System, both for installers and its users.

FIBARO Installer App is a response to the needs reported by the system installers and their users. The mobile app allows you to remotely monitor and maintain the efficiency of the system, without the need to make an appointment with an expert. From now on customers do not need to call the installer to make an appointment on a convenient date. What’s more, they don’t have to leave work earlier or take a holiday to meet with a specialist in case of a system failure or a defect in a particular device. Servicing the FIBARO System has become really easy with this unique solution.

Notification of a potential failure at a specific FIBARO customer will be displayed in the app of a certified installer to whom the user has granted monitorign and insight rights. It is important for the customer that the installer with access to the app has appropriate training certificate and owns a FIBARO ID. FIBARO System also means data security. The customer may grant a certified installer a remote access to FIBARO System via the Home Center app for a specified period of time (up to 24 hours), which may be switched off at any time by the installer.

Installer App

The Installer App saves a lot of time for customers, makes it easy to use the system and responds quickly to any issues. An installer who receives notification of a fault no longer has to report every fault through the FIBARO Service Desk. The technical support department reacts faster and makes repairs from the system without the need for the installer to travel and take any action at the customer’s home.

Data protection and convenience are not the only benefits of the FIBARO Installer App. Thanks to it, the installer can also prevent possible failures of the system. App detects potential threats or anomalies in system operation. Importantly, this happens before they are noticed by the user.

FIBARO Installer App and customer service by FIBARO professionals have set new standards in the smart home industry.